Taking Tegretol And Still Taking Seizures


I first took seizures just 5 weeks ago after having a small stroke. Doctor put me on Tegretol and I was hopeful that would be the end of the seizures. Now after just 5 weeks I have taken another seizure. I did have 2 bottles of beer and 2 tins of cider over 8 hours. Does anyone think this caused the seizure.

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Alchol, caffeine, TV, loud noises/music, stress, blinking lights, the spin of a roulette wheel,mahjong tile shuffling, even very hot baths - almost anything that negatively stimulates a brain prone to seizures can bring on a seizure.
These things can be and are all different for different people - but it all boils down to negative brain stimulation.Tegretol (or any anti-seizure medication) needs your help to do its job. Examine what you had been doing (as well as drinking) that might have affected your brain. And DO talk with your neurologist to discuss the things you should/must avoid. And that may include driving until you know your seizures are under control.
If you can't get any specific info from your MD go on line to Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic, and other web sites that will give you a lot of info you need and things to think about to help you avoid more seizures. Sometimes one has to be one's own physician!

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Whilst an inordinate number of doctors around the globe are given to prescribing many types of drugs for myriad reasons, like improving the quality of their patients' lives, and in many cases to actually save some of those very same lives, it would be very rare indeed to find a competent and caring doctor who'd knowingly prescribe the taking of 2 bottles of beer and 2 tins of cider within 8 hours for any person, particularly one such as yourself being treated for epileptic seizures. It has been my experience with epilepsy that each seizure ever-so-greatly[exponentially] increases the likelihood of having more seizures, whether the sufferer is on medication -- and drinks alcohol -- or not. Look upon it as a person starting off their day with a nice cold beer. This first beer usually sets up a pattern of wanting to have another one, which invites the desire of another one, ad infinit_um'pteen. There's a famous old saying concerning the consumption of alcohol, and it goes like this:

The man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, and the drink takes the man.

There's another well-known saying and it's in kind-keeping with the sagacity of Carol N's[commenter #1] final sentence.

"Physician, heal thyself!"...but, First(not "thirst") do no harm[Primum non nocere].

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I think things have been pretty well covered by the other posters.

Alcohol can certainly contribute to seizures and most people that suffer from them, for whatever reason, are told to abstain.

Learn more Tegretol details here.

Carol's point is true of the treatment of any medical condition, your treatment and/or medications need your help to work. A heart patient that takes their medication faithfully every day still can't expect it to do everything, they must get proper exercise, watch their fluid intake, keep their fats low and etc.

And there is a warning regarding Tegetrol that drinking alcohol while taking it can lower your seizure threshold.

Are there any other comments or questions?

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