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I drink more or less 40 stilpanes per day. Do I need help or can I qui on my own?

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Stilpane contains 320mgs of Paracetamol, 8mgs of Codeine, 32mgs of Caffeine and 150mgs of Meprobamate and if you have been taking that many, then you may be i serious medical danger and you should see a doctor immediately.

Aside from the addiction factor, the Paracetamol can be toxic is taken in amounts over 4gramgs (4,000mgs) in a day and if you are taking 40 of them, then that is 12,800mgs, or 12.8grams, which is way past the toxic level.

You may have already caused permanent damage to your liver and other vital organs and need to seek medical attention.





Are there any other questions or comments?

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I had a cyct removed from my brain and I am now addicted to still pain. If I do not have the tablets I dont feel good. I take it on a empty stomach every morning, instead of two I take four. I take about 20 pills per day. Im very worried. I need advice as to how to stop taking these pils...

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I'm worried about my two sisters,they taking 40 to 500 a day.seems like their brain isn't fuctioning like it used to and both their kids are 5yrs heart goes for them and the children,is their any way I could stop them?please give advice I dnt know what to do anymore ,they been drinking it for more than 15 years now.

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Hi Lyn, my Sister died after 8 yrs of stilpayne addiction and left two young traumitised kids behind. She stopped during the 8 years but soon started again and when she died, we found stilpayne all around her home. Please get help. They need professional help and prayers.

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Hi Perrine

im interested on doing a story about Stilpayne addiction and the effects it has. I would be interested in talking to you if you live in South Africa. please contact me on {edited for privacy}
Stephina K.

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Good day, taking 20 tablets a day, if I don't have I'm sweating, stomach aches, diarrhea, headaches all day. Is their any substitute to make me feel better...

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i have loose stool month back proffiasional doactor advise rifagot 400mg take for 10 day twise a day now iam suffering from abdomonal pain it is okay are any other problum i am facing

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What are the side effects of stilpane tablets. I had an operation and in constant pain. I take 4 stilpane tablets a day. Please help

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Hi there I am a female 27 years old I started taking stilpain for the last 2 months now I take almost 12 or 14 still pain a day I really need to stop this as when I don't have it I go into bad moods. can someone please help me as I wanna stop cause I have my baby to take care of

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how do i stop drinking stillpayne - i have been on it now for 12 years

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Don't bait out the lean we love to drank don't ruin it like they did with activis cough syrup. Sip responsibly.

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I use 10 to 15 stilpane tablets a day. It makes me fall asleep. How do I stop this?

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U should immediately because your liver may be already damaged. Consult your doctor now

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I just noticed I had a problem after two years of taKing still pain I try to stop and I thought I'd just ruff or out sleeping the whole day...when I started to not sleep and getting server pains in My stomach and everytime I try not fall of to sleep my breathing will slow and I'll have to sit up or walk around...I'm trying my hardest cos I'm just had a child and I want to take care of them with out having mood swings and having proper sleep with out this tablets I did abit of research and methadone should help to take away the cravings....or Naltrexone hope this helps guys

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Desery I have been using still pain for 5 years now and I was taking about 15 tabs a day I prayed to God for my healing I no longer take still tabs anymore Amen

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Re: Anneline van Wyk (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

That is a lot. I would seek help. Have you ever overdosed before?

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Re: Desery (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Which god did you use please Desray .Does Stilpayne keep you awake at night

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Re: Anneline van Wyk (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Andeline I Am in the same boat. Except for the the brain op I take it for my csec op. It is the only pill that numbs the pain. I also can't do with out it. I'm so scared that my body is gone addicted to it. That is the only pill that helps. I need help too. Doctors are so expensive now days

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Re: thandi (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

If you take 4 a day, you might still be okay.
After I broke my jaw in two different accidents it helped me cope. But I have not taken it for months.
If you binge you might feel good for a while then come down and have to drink again.

Do not look for side effects if you have not had any. Besides, I am a layman you have to see a good doctor if you are worried.

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Re: steph (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, happy to talk about it.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Is still Payne the same than dynapayn

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Re: steph (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

hi Steph, my cousin passed away a few weeks ago in her sleep it has just come to light that she was addicted to stilpayn that is why i find myself here wanting to learn more

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