Synap Forte & Normison For Knee Pain - Osteoarthritis


I have been prescribed Synap Forte for a botched knee op and have been told I need a need replacement but am too young. I must manage my pain through pain killers - hence dr prescribing Synap Forte and Normison. I have a heart murmur and ADD. My pharmacist suggested I ask my GP to prescribe an alternative to Synap as this medicatation is dangerous for both my symptoms. What would you suggest I take.

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i would advice to seek advice for systemic Enzymes ( Revozyme Forte)

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Synap Forte contains Caffeine, Dextropropoxyphene, Diphenhydramine, and Paracetamol, thus in this case, I have to agree with your pharmacist. The Caffeine can aggravate your ADD, according to NIH studies, plus in most countries, Dextropropoxyphene has been pulled from the marked due to the rik it creates of dangerous cardiac events.

I am not sure what all is available to you. Have you spoken to your doctor about the problem?

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