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Looking for help for my son. He doesn't have a job and needs help for drug addiction.

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If anyone needs a Suboxone doctor in Atlanta let me know. Mine is great, and I think he has a few openings.

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i am needing to find a suboxone doc in okc area that takes insurance. Any suggestions?

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I DO!!

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I need to find a suboxine dr in wisconsin.

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I'm in atlanta and uninsured. The most affordable suboxone doc I've found charges $250 per month just to write the script (cash only, of course!) and then I pay anywhere from $6-8 per pill. I don't want to go back onto methadone for countless reasons, but it is cheaper and may be my only option. If anyone in/around Atlanta knows a doctor who really wants to help and not just exploit desperate people, please let me know!

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I am a 40 yr old disabled male in Atlanta, GA. I have been in pain management for a few yrs now and have recently had to change doctors due to my other doctor reitring. The new doctor is making me start over from the beginning. New MRI's, new nerve studies etc. I was on Kadian 80 mg 3x a day, and 30 mg oxycodone 3 times a day. new Doctor said that was way too much med. So he put me on 15mg mscotin 2 times a day with loratab 7.5mgs 2x a day. And he told me that it had to last me 30 days until my next visit. I told him that I thought that was too much of a change, and that my old medicine was effective in keeping my pain in control, to where I was able to live a decent life. I don't abuse my meds, and follow my doctors orders. Well needless to say the first week was complete hell, soo much pain that I couldnt sleep, eat, horrible depression so severe that I was actually considering suicide. Called doctors office they said he couldnt do anything until he had my test results. So got new MRI, and he did the nerve study himself. And after he did the test, I was in tears from combination of my pain, and the pain of the test. He said he had somewhat of a picture of what was going on, but until he could sit down and really study the results of the test he wouldnt know the whole picture. He said he was indeed sorry cause he knew I was in legitimate pain, and that we would go over my meds when I saw him for my med management visit in two weeks, I was like man, I cannot wait two weeks, i'm in hell!!! He said I will ad one more 15 mg mscotin and one more loratab a day until that next visit. So he wrote a script for 15 a piece of those meds. So that made it 45mg of mscotin a day, and 15 mg of loratab a day for my pain. Take in mind I was on 240mg of kadian, and 90 mg oxycodone a day. Had been at that level for probably 18mnths or so.
So made it to my next appointment, thinking ok, hes got all my results, now we will get all this worked out. He did make me realize that I could make it on a lower dose of medicine, which is always good, but I know that my meds had to be increased. Or maybe he had another course to add to it ( physical therapy, surgery etc.) He's the Doctor im the patient supposedly he knows the best.
So he said that my MRI did show nerve damage, and disc damage in my lower back. Arthritis in my lower back, my and my hip, which he said it was pretty severe in my hip. Nerve study wasn't good. I didnt right the info down, but I can get it from him, it was long words. But basically it was my blood vessels was dying, and along with that muscle tissue was dying as well, making the other part of my right leg taking on more work, along with my hip and lower back, which is making a already painful situation even worse. And he said if things don't change that my right leg will have to amputated. Asked him what I needed to do. He said lose weight, do physical therapy, and hope for the best. He also added at this point he didnt see surgery doing any good.
So he said he definitely wanted to take me own as a pain management patient, that I would benefit and need it. Which i'm thinking, no crap, I've been in pain management for a few years, that I've been dealing with this since 2004. But I lost a lot of weight in 2006 and was able to get off the meds, and live a good active life until 2008 I had a stroke out of no where, which lead to me being in ICU for 5 weeks, I actually had to revived twice. I was in complete renal failure, was a bad, scary situation, my family was called in, cause at first Docs told me I was not going to live, and if by a miracle I did, I was going to have to have a liver transplant, or at the very least dialysis. Well doctors said I was definitely a miracle, and two docs talked to me and my family for quite sometime cause my case was intriging to them, in their words I would certainly be a incredible episode for "House", the T.V show. Well kinda sucks when doctors tell you that your health would make an interesting T.V show, but honestly i am grateful to be alive, although lately just making it minute to minute is extremely difficult.
So current pain doc said he needed to bump my meds up some since it was apparent that i wasn't getting enough relief. I told him loratabs has never been effective to me unless it was sometype of dental work. And for some reason MScotin has never worked as well as Kadian has, that I get bad stomach aches with MScotin but not with Kadian. So he said this month we are going to be more aggressive and put you on Kadian 30 mg 2 x a day, and percocet 5/325 3 x a day. I didnt think that was aggresive at all, I told him that I thought it would be a major victory on my part if I could get by on 60 mg of kadian 2 x a day and 15mg of oxycodone 2-3x a day. That would be a significant decrease in what I was taking, and mentally it would mean a lot to me to see if I could be active, do my normal day to day activities with that reduction in meds. Well he didnt agree with me, and said try this this month, and if it didnt work, we would address that next month, and in the meantime, do your physical thearpy, think positive, and make your meds last 30 days. And I was like well what if is not working just call you and make adjustments, and he was like no, this will have to do for 30 days.
Well I do thank the doctor for the approach he is going with. but I think his adjustment periods of 30 days is way too difficult. Now I do understand the power of opiates over your mind and how they also lower your threshold of pain, and I think he is trying to help me out in the long run by reducing what I can get by on. But on the flip side, if you are in extreme pain and you have pain meds, you are going to take the meds to relieve the pain. But the way it is set up, I seem doomed. Last month when I called in about me not being able to function on such a low dose of meds compared to what I was on, I got a damn good lashing from the nurse and the doctor over the phone.
I feel like if I call the office and tell them that I am not getting by, that I am going to punished. Thats not right anyway you look at it. I know good and well that my new doc gets calls all damn day long from people begging for meds, I have been in the waiting room and heard the nurse talk to other patients, and I have seen other patients in the waiting room that I hope to hell they didn't drive themselves up to office because they are nodding off, and frankly so drugged up that they couldn't keep their eyes open.
My situation right now is, I am in constant pain, and have almost ran out of my bt pain meds. I am not sleeping, have no appetite, cannot cook for myself, I am consumed with pain, and also consumed with depression, it has gotten so bad that I donnot want to live anymore like this. Something has to give, but I am so scared to call my doctors office because I don't want to be seen as a drug seeker, I want to try and make it the 30 days, and follow the doctors orders, but I am so damn consumed by pain, that it is all that I can think about. I know my wife is at the ends of her rope, I am not a violent person, I am usually very funny, extremely loving, and try my best to make her feel like a princess that she is. But I don't like myself right now, and there is no way possible that she can like me. Everything is consumed by pain and depression. Its not a life worth living at this moment, which also makes me shameful, because I do believe in God, and feel like life is a precious gift, but it doesn't life is nothing but extreme hell right now.
I used suboxone before when I got off pain meds. And it worked extremely well. I've also been on methadone before during a period of time when my insurance would cover my meds and it was the cheapest alternative. So if you are still with me, and I do apologize that I am such a long winded person. But since it feels like I am not getting any benefits from the lower dosage of meds, and I have no trust that Doc will raise my meds at all, would I be better off asking if he will switch to methadone, or try to find a doc that would prescibe suboxone so atleast I don't have this damn depression, because it seems like I am like halfway in withdrawals, not physically but mentally. I think I definately need to get a second opinion from a different pain doc, but being on Medicare it was hard enough to get this Doctor, and I am also so worried about being labled a doc shopper etc, I do know from my pharmacist and also the pile of paperwork that I had to sign from my new doc, that Georgia has overhauled their drug laws, because there was and may still be a ton of illegal or shady pain clinics in the area.
I am not looking to get high, i am 40 yrs old, I just want to get enough pain relief so i can live a decent life, and be able to take my wife out to dinner, go visit family, go to the park with my nieces etc, but all that is not even optional right now, I am in a minute to minute fight to keep my sanity, and my sanity is not winning. Anyone in the Atlanta area that knows of a good pain doc, or a suboxone doc that takes medicare, or anyone that could give good honest advice for my situation I would forever be grateful. Thank you very much, and again I am sorry that I am so longwinded.

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I think I read in your comment that you have been on methadone before. Finding a good methadone clinic may be your best option; atleast they don't guilt you into daily withdrawals like yr doc seems to be. Sometimes the mental anguish is as bad as the physical pain, and together they can be intolerable. In Atl there are still a few Mdone clinics that accept medicaid, and with the new laws being what they are, that may be the best route. (And if the clinic doesn't work out, the ppl who go there usually know more abt local PM docs than anyone else.) Best wishes!

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Yes I need a suboxone doctor I am in Lilburn GA right outside of Atlanta will drive though and I have Peachstate health insurance Medicaid. I need a doctor to prescribe suboxone and accept my insurance please help !

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Did you ever find anyone more affordable? I'm in Lawrenceville & not insured.

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Hey man,I know a good Dr, his name is Dr. James Granger, he is in your area. he has nice staff and really wants to help. here is address contact info: 2550 Windy Hill Rd. Suite #309, Marietta, Georgia 30067. Phone: 678-247-2115. I forgot most important thing it's $100 a month cash or credit no insurance. but he is alot cheaper than some I've called about. good luck

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Thank you very much!

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I do I'm in Sandy Springs ?!

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I need a cheap Dr to give me suboxone for area,of staunton va ...I can't afford it n I have Medicaid plz I need help plz help me Ty

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I need one...

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In Marietta, Ga for the week flat out of my med. I'm here toto pay my deposit and a go to a conference for work. Anybody in the Marietta Atlanta area?

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Jack what is the name ?

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I need a doctor that will prescribe me suboxone

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Troy, Go to the suboxone site and put in your zipcode to find drs. in your area.

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I live in New Castle Indiana and am having trouble finding a dr that is taking new patients who have medicaid. Need help ASAP! Anyone know of any docs around my area? I am willing to travel up to 60 miles away! I have been on waiting list for Avon Ugent Care but they want my records from my suboxone dr that I had 3 yrs ago & just found out that I am unable to get them. Please help!

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Hey, i hope you are doing ok, if you need a friend that understands you can speak with me, i know the hell all too well.
I went on subs about a year and 2 months ago, i had a head injury that led me to addiction and it is the worse!

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Suboxone doctors do not accept insurance no matter what! Your insurance should cover your prescription though...

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I can't afford to get my suboxone as no doctor takes amerigrop insurance. Please help. I'm begging.

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Re: jack (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Who is your doctor I am seeking a new doc in the area

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I am in the Atlanta area ISO a cheap Suboxone doc. I have been using sub for over a year and looking to legitimize the use for treatment. I have no insurance so any cheap options would be greatly appreciated. I do not have opiates in my system so one who preferably doesn't mind or DT. Thanks for any help

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Hey are you still with the same doc? I know it's 2017 but I am is a good sub doc in Atlanta area.

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I am trying to come off of fentanyl, I never abused it. I have taken it for 10 months for nerve damage I incurred during a routine surgery. My pain doc can prescribe it, but can't help me get off of it without the horrible side effects. I need help tapering so I don't suffer awful withdrawals.

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Moved here to Atlanta recently (from New Orleans, where my current doctor is) and need a doctor in the area that is good and doesn't charge hundreds of dollars to be seen and treated. What's your doctor's name, which you're recommending here? Many thanks! Any details will be greatly appreciated.

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My friend is looking for a Suboxone doctor not a clinic

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I need one bad. I can't find one that takes my insurance. Vie been looking everywhere. Where can I go?

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What is his name? I need one that has openings.i am in Atlanta could really use help asap

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