Stopping 2mg Suboxone Starting Tylenol 3


I have a little different situation. I was put on suboxone because of pain however, after being on it for a little less than a year I've decided to go off of it because it is not giving me much pain relief. I'm down to 1-2MG a day. Do I need to completely be off of it before I start something else? I haven't taken any for 2 days. I have Tylenol 3 that I want to start and I don't want to start to soon if I need to wait longer for the suboxone to leave my system.

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You can take the Tylenol 3 right after suboxone- you won't feel it and it will not make you sick. It's when you take suboxone right after another opioid/opiate that bad stuff starts happening- as in the buprenorphine violently ripping the other med off the receptors. (Precipitated withdrawal). Take the Tylenol 3 now and start feeling better!

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According to the MedsChat half-life calculator, Buprenorphine has an estimated half life of 45hrs. This number may also vary greatly from one person to the next based on a variety of personal factors (such as age, weight, metabolism, length of treatment, frequency of dosing, etc, etc). However I would imagine that 2-3 days off Suboxone is probably sufficient before taking Tylenol 3. Whether you get the full efficacy from the codeine is another story, but just know that every passing hour the Suboxone is slowly dwindling out of your system and off your opiate receptors, making way for another opiate/opioid to take its place...

Hope this helps!

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