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I have been on suboxone now for just under a month. I think it is an amazing drug, i have had no cravings or interest in returning to opiates, my drug of choice was oxy. I get up every day feeling happy, and am able to take on what ever the day brings me. I am also on lexapro for depression at this time. There is one problem after i take my dose, which is 8 mg. twice a day, I am extremely tired sometimes to the point where if i sit down I will nod off, so I keep moving and can usually fight through it. I am wondering do other people feel this way or does it get better the longer you are on it? Two other things that are sometimes very bothersome are dizzyness and extreme dry mouth. I just wanted to find out other peoples experiences. Thanx

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Hey yea I get the same nod as you, it starts about an hour after i take my sub. If I keep moving or if I'm doing something i dont notice it but as soon as I sit I start to nod off. I'm thinking this is normal our bodies will most likely build up a tolerance to it as I'm only on my fourth day of medication. The nod is very similair to when I would do oxys which were my d.o.c. I really don't mind it though it's quite nostalgic. My doctor put me on 8 mg 3 times a day from shooting up 120-160 mg oxy's once or twice daily so I dont think the dose is too strong as it kills my withdrawals and i have absolutely no cravings for pills at all.

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I would talk to your Dr about Provigil or now the new Nuvigil. It truly helps with the fatigue at least.

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Suboxone contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine and it is an OPIATE, so you will experience similar side effects as those caused by other narcotics.

These may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

You can read more about it here:


The side effects should begin to taper off as your body adjusts to the medication. If they don't or become bothersome, please speak to your doctor.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Hi there from experience i recommend not taking it first thing in the morning an deffintly make sure your not laying down give ita lil bit after you wake up to take it b/c if your tired when you take it it will knock ya out

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your body's telling you you're taking too much. more than 8mg i get grumpy, legs feel heavy, very tired, and zero sex drive. cut the 8mg pill into (4) 2mg's pieces, and take a little piece only when you feel withdrawals. you'll feel better and your body will thank you.

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I've been on suboxone for two years and only take 2mg twice a day. If you take more than that you will get horrible side effects. I would use up to 3 80mg oxy's a day and started with 2mg of sub. a day. For some reason alot of doctors overperscribe sub's.

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Taking too much...

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Been on Sub for 2.5 months now....i am prescribed 2.5 8mg pills per day, but on my own, i have NEVER gone over 2 and now i am only taking 1.5 pill a day - no big noticeable change. i work on a computer all day and do find myself nodding off as well - it's just due to the opiate effex of the sub. one thing i do wanna say: WE SHOULD ALL BE PROUD OF OURSELVES TO BE WHERE WE ARE NOW! CONGRATULATIONS ALL! We have overcome something HUGE in our lives and found help and we're functioning citizens and contribute our share to society. KUDOS TO ALL! GOD BLESS!

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The suboxone has worked great for me, but ive came down from 12mg a day to 1mg(half of a 2mg) my last dose was 24hrs ago how will my withdrawls be? anyone know

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I started treatment today, I had to take one 2mg pill wait and see the Dr and then take another 2mg pill. When I saw the Dr again I told him that I felt Ok, it was kind of like I was high. About an hour later I was throwing up. I know it's a side affect does it help to take this with food?

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I have been on Suboxone for 2 months now, and its the best thing thats happend to me in a long time. I take 8mg. a day and i feel normal again, i had forgot what normal really felt like. I got hurt at work 2 years ago and the first thing the Dr. did was put me on pain pills, i was 42 years old at that time, i had never had to be put on pain pills before and i didn't know what i was getting myself into. Those pills cost me everything i had ever worked for and everything i ever wanted or loved, they cost me my marriage, my home and almost my life. Thank God for the Dr. that i have now, he listened to me and knew i wanted and needed help, he put me on suboxone and he saved my life. I don't have any side effects of suboxone thank god, i'm just so glad to be on my way to recovery. God bless you all.

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can anyone help me with side effects of been on suboxone 20mg dailly for 7months now and have been prescibed cipramil dont know if to start taking them or not

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I am also on suboxen saved my life.... but my question is would takeing xanex as directed.along with suboxen ..can it hurt me in anyway?

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same thing for me...... as soon as I sit down some days I'm OUT and then other days doesnt affect me at all????

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Ive been a heroin addict for 10yrs.and i take subs 2/daily 8mg. i feel normal to. i also catch myself nodding out if i dont keep busy, but its normal. Ur body will adjust, mine did, im just worried about getting off tha subs. i fear withdrawl symptons again. any suggestions?

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Hi there. Congrats to all of you for doing so well. My boyfriend has been on suboxone for a little over a year now. I started going out with him about 8 months ago and he shared his past with me. He told me about Suboxone and how it has really helped him. However, throughout our relationship I have been really frusterated because he will nod off and be super tired. It's hard for me to understand and I have to think it's the sub because he will sleep 10+ hours and still be tired. Other days he's totally fine though. He's taking 12 mg per day. He started out taking 30. I think he takes 8 mg in the morning and then 4 mg in the evening. Regarding his sex drive he really doesn't have one, but again some days it's great and other days he can't even get an erection. I love him and I support him and I am so proud for what he has achieved, but I do worry about these symptoms. Sometimes I think he's trading 1 vice for another. The one comment said that these symptoms are a direct result of taking too much. I have a feeling that may be the case. Eventually he will be starting to weed himself off of it. Any thoughts on all this? Thanks in advance. Much appreciated.

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Oh ....yes!! thank go, I thought I was going crazy about the total nod-off during my dosing! It is so weird! but then I feel great after about 10 minutes after it dissolves. Sub has saved my life; I was taking 2o NOrcos/day and horribly addicted. Deep, dark secret for a gal like me....I was able to find a great doctor and I take 16 mgs sub/day. Besides this dosing nod-off, this pill is great for me. Good luck everyone!

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Is weight gain a common side effect of Cyboxen?

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Please read some of the blogs from people who are trying to get off suboxone. You will hear horror stories. You think suboxone is great right now but you will be shocked when you try to stop taking it. Withdrawal doesn't start for a whole week because of the long half life and is much worse than opioid withdrawal and much longer. There is no medication available for suboxone withdrawal. Suboxone is for opioid withdrawal and should only be given for one or two weeks. It should not be taken for longer than that. You will get hooked and it is expensive. Thats the idea behind giving suboxone long term. TO GET YOU HOOKED. Lots of money for the doctors and drug company. Lots of greif for you. I can say this from experience. I thought I was going to die. It would have been better to take opioids and use suboxone for the withdrawal after having spine surgery than what I went through after taking suboxone for nine months. I have been off suboxone for three months and am just now starting to feel like I'm going survive suboxone withdrawal.

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Christine I wnat to know about your withdraw. I am trying really hard to kick this saboxone habit. I am actually buying them off the street for 10$ a piece. I am only taking 1/4 of a tab so its way cheaper than going to the doctor. I paid the doc visit 175$ plus the scrip 145$ insurance di not pay nothing. I have tried to just stop the 1/4 pill and after 2 days I totally lose it. The withdrawl is so much worse than when I was on 20 vic es daily.

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First me I say I am so happy to hear that you're cravings have disappeared! I myself am on Suboxone for pain management. At first it worked wonders! I do not remember feeling tired but feeling more energetic. The effects of dogs with time and I'm now up to 4 a day of 8 mg. I think either it is the mixture of the Lexapro on the Suboxone or maybe it's just a suboxone but either way that it will get better. I really think it's still just you getting used to the drug.

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Poor thing. Your Dr knows nothing. I pity you trying to get off that crap. 16 mg is a joke.

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Your body will not adjust as they are entirely different. Suboxone is designed so that you do not feel the effects of opioids - that's the whole idea. The withdrawal symptoms from Suboxone are apparently severe. It was designed partly so that more poppy plantations in Southeast Asia could be eliminated by the U.S. government, which means more synthetic crap on the streets. I recently read an article by leading law and medical groups that illustrated how the drug situation in the 60s and 70s were a lot safer and more manageable compared to now. People are frying their brains with substances. Plus, people seemed to be a lot more laid back with real opiates.

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I've been off Suboxone for a year. I got my last shot in July 2022. However, at the inj. spot I still have a lump there and it refuses to go away. Why? I mean it worked and today I feel great. It's just that the lump will not go away and it's starting to concern me.

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It's total brain control,stops you feeling anything that's enjoyable !

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It reminded me of Clock work orange a bit too much

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You are it's no wonder drug.

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Your on Avery high dose ,not enough is known about it,you will be needing your anti depresants,

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For some reason drs like to over prescribe, in my opinion it's no wonder drug. The depression that goes with this med and withdrawal symptoms are shocking, most drs do my agree !! I pity anybody on this med who needs pain relief as it wont work. !

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2 is actually the maintenance dose. Any more than 4 & your body just pushes it out, it's pointless to take that many. I have been on Suboxone for 10 years as well & I'm here to tell you that 1 is not always enough! I cut myself down to a half because I was taking Klonopin, but after I stopped taking those, I had to raise my dose back up to 1.75. Your post is incorrect & is worded to make people feel like what hey need is wrong & there's something wrong with them.

Congrats on getting off of subs after that long. Wish I could do that. Just don't say that u know what is best for everyone because everyone is different, everyone requires different doses to get them to the place they need to be & just because 1 worked for u, does NOT mean it's gonna work for the next person.

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