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I've been on 5, 30mg of Roxy's daily for about 4 to 5 years now, the problem, I am getting worried the time is going to come where I can't get them. I keep hearing stories about shortage and the price doubled, the last 2 months. These meds work for me and I am able to have a fairly normal life. I am not able to work any longer (Master Cosmetologist), which I hate, but after 2 failed back surgery's, I feel lucky, that I can at least enjoy my Grandchildren and my 3 Maltese Pups. Is there a medication out there that works like the Roxy's but a different med. I have tried morphine and MS Cotten and they didn't work on my pain like the Roxy's. I go back to my Doctor next week and would love to change meds. Any suggestions are for sure appreciated.

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I sure would appreciate some feedback to my questions. Thanks so much !

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Hello, Jan! How are you?

A shortage occurs almost every year during the last few months of the year and for the first few weeks of the new year and it involves all controlled substance mediations, for the most part.

It's due to mandatory manufacturing limits. Thus, you're not going to find a medication that can be guaranteed to be unaffected by it.

If this one works well for you, it's likely best to just stick with it.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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hello jan; how are you feeling today? well and in the best of health i pray as you are reading this post.. as far shortage is concern the trick with that is to look at those web-based suppliers. with your valid prescription that you can furnish them upon request they are able to send you a refill.

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Hi Jan i was reading your post and i couldn't miss the chance to give you my opinion about it, listen i was in the same boat, cause i first used percocet but later it was not working too good on my relief so i tried the roxy 30mg, which works.

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I don't care what the manufacture says about opana er but they are useless . I take 6 norcos 7.5 /?325 for 9 years and was given the rubber button 10 mg opana twice a day and every 6-10 hours I crap out the whole pill . I also take Prilosec for reflux so opana is no good Even tried chewing them and no relief at all compared to just one norco. This is criminal on doctors part and pain patients need to join in on a legal suit being filed as I type against the FDA the new opana is a farce. I will stick with norco and tell the pain doctor to get another job.

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Hello, I agree 100% regarding Opana "New Formula"!!!! I was on Opana ER for years, the Original Formula, and a High Dosage, they were Yellow Octagons, and suddenly, without any word from my Dr. I couldn't understand why I was getting so sick, and in lots of Pain!! Here it was the New "Abuse Proof" Formula...and they did not Digest, or Absorb into my System!! What was a Great Pain Relief, suddenly became "Nothing" a Placebo.....I could not even chew one of them, they are so hard. So I had to switch Medications......There is no point in even making the Opana now, as they do not work at all.....And this has been said by nearly every patient that I've talked to at my Dr's office, and read about Online......Criminal!!!!!

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Here in Florida .... getting any pain medications can be very tricky! Prescriptions from my pain specialist who is an anesthesiologist with privileges at two hospitals have become useless! I have been without my break through medications many times in the past year because I could not get anyone to fill it for me. This time I was forced to go for a full week without my 100 mg. fentanyl patch. The pharmacy that had always filled it for me informed me and my insurance company who had set me up with the doctor that because the doctor was 40 miles away and not in the same county that I lived in; they would not fill it for me any longer! Finally my primary care doctor took the pain specialists prescription and re-wrote the prescription for me. Apparently because he is in my county the same pharmacy that turned down the prescription from my pain specialist then filled the one from my primary care doctor! The primary care doctor informed me that he will not do this again for me and fired me as a patient!

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When I lived in TN, people were going to the doc there in FL to get roxies and bring them back to sell. They have ruined it for the people like you who need it. Hope everything works out for you.

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I was really worried about that when my doctor took me off oxycodone and put me on those plastic oxycontins. They didn’t work, I didn't feel like I had withdrawals or anything, they just didn’t help my pain. Then I read about bezoar and someone on this website somewhere was asking if possibly some overdose are just medication bezoars that finally break apart. And she was probably right, I could see how that could happen with these plastic pills if a whole pile up together in our stomach and then suddenly break apart. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I had those same concerns with the OPs I used to take.

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