Propan With Iron Multivitamins


Are Propan vitamins with iron effective?

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Really, the effectiveness depends on what you are using it for. If you are using it as a vitamin supplement, then yes.

However, many of these products are claimed to help treat a lot of conditions and this has really never been proven.

Propan with Iron contains 25mgs Buclizine, 80mgs Iron, 10mgs Nicotinamide, 10mgs B1, 5mcgs B12, 1mg B2 and 5mgs of B6.

It is listed in the Indian drug databases as helping to improve the appetite.

Side effects may include: nausea and drowsiness.

Do you have any other questions?

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Good day, im Christian,i would like to ask if what "1 cap bid" means is?

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does taking propan and myra 400e at the same time bad?

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1 cap bid means 1 capsule twice a day

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Is it safe to take Propan vitamins even when you're breastfeeding?

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Im taking propan with iron vitamins now. Does it really help to gain weight? when is the best time for me to take the vitamins for more effective result?

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Im taking propan with Iron now, many of my friend told me it will help me gain weight. Is it true that I will gain weight and when is the best possible time to take that vitamins for a effective result.

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bid means twice a day. od means once a day. and hs means at bedtime

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1 cap bid means 1 capsule twice a day :)

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1 cap two times a day. ^_^

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does propan help for gaining weight?

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12 one of the taking (user) of propan for me, its effective,,, i gain weights...but its depend on the dosage u use it,,,

Question: does taking propan and myra 400e together is not bad? tnx....

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I do really need to know that what is the best way to take propan with iron.

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i am an 18 yr old and im taking propan with iron for about 3 days but i havent seen any changes in terms of my appetite and i never felt sleepy,i take propan every aftr breakfast,plz post any suggestion,thank

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I am taking (levothyroxin)thydin a day for my thyroid nodule... is it safe if i'll take propan with iron to gain weight? The last time i visited my doctor, she says no dont's for food and vitamins as my case is far different from those with hypo or hyperthyroidism....pls. i need your advised on this bcoz i really wish to gain more weight...i am just, since i was a kid i really am the skinny type girl....^_^

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what is the right time for taking a propan?is it before bed time or after breakfast to gain my weight

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1 capsule twice a day

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1 time aday b ang pg in0m ng propan at ipectib b kahit umiin0m ng alak at nani2garilyo ung iin0m ng propan,at mgkanu naman ang pr0pan

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I have read one reply here that says to take propan on bedtime or before going to sleep then have a big breakfast and eat between meals.

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After taking? Propan How many hours.? To effect? Example. I take 8pm.

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Epetiktib yung propan 1 week ko palang siyang ginamit ng gain ako ng 2 kilos saka lomobo mukha ko, na bumagay sa akin dati lubok mukha ko

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Re: rhona (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

propan with iron ang tinitake ko..
nakakataba talaga siya

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Ask kolng anubpa po ba yung nkakataba na vitamins nasubukan ko na po ang Propan appebon lingzi stress tab myra nd parin po aq tumataba anu po ba ang iba pang peding inumin.

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Ilang weeks po ba bago umepek yung vitamins kase sakin 2weeks na parang wala pareng epek e .

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Pampataba po ba ang propan ilang beses po ba sa isang araw iniinom yn

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Can I ask? How is the right taking propan? I want to gain weight.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

If mg stop ng propan babalik p ulit payat or mg kakasakit? Just like other vit. N tinitake kong pampataba

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Hello!! I would like to share my story ever since high school i only weight 40kg until now and i tried Propan with Iron last Sept 2017 and I gain 5kilo with in 1 month so for me effective yong Propan with Iron I drink Everyday for 1 month after breakfast sinamahan ko po nang pag inom ng milk for 2 weeks pero depende naman po yon sa katawan kung pano e ti-take yong vitamins.

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why other user of propan multivitamins can't effect to their body?

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hi everyone, what is the best vitamins specifically the main function is to enhance memory? Thank you in advance..

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