I started the bill 2 weeks ago the last day of my cycle. In the first week I forgot to take a pill and didn't take it the next day, I just resumed with the next pill. I also missed a pill in week two. I just stopped taking the pill the begining of week 3. Will i get pregnant? Will my period come? Is the pill even in my system? Thanks

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If you've missed pills and stopped taking them, then no, it is not in your system and you are not protected against pregnancy.

For them to prevent pregnancy, you have to take one every day, exactly as directed.

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,hi im icar i just want t0 kn0w,what will happen i start taking daphne on Nov 23, i just st0p taking daphne pills on january 10,and i still dnt have my menstruati0n..what will happen?pls need an answer,.thanks

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