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Urinary Tract Discomfort

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I have had a UTI of and on for about 6 months. I've been on different antibiotics (now on Doxycycline Hyc 100 mg. 2X a day. with no positive results. The bacteria still lingers until it come back full blown A friend recommended Acido Nalidixico from Mexico, but don't know if I should try this . I am allergic to macrobid.

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The man in Mexico that sold me the "Aogen", which is the acido nalidixico 500 & the clor....fenazopiridina 50 mg told me to take one every 8 hours. I had no idea that it had an antibiotic in it too. I just wanted an AZO replacement. I took it WITH my antibiotic prescription. Of course I never tell the Dr It is a wonder I have not killed myself.

For the person that said they could not take Macrobid...I went to a really great Specialist for Urology and he gave me Suprax 400 mg. You take one a day for 3 days. It cost me $98.50 because my Insurance would not pay for it. Must be a good drug. They are not paying for much of anything this year!

This is my 6th UTI since Feb 2014, it is now almost Sept 2014. I have had Augmenten, Augmenten, Macrobid, Cipro and Macrobid for my last 5 UTI. The culture said the Macrobid was what I needed for this infection but it does not work. This is why I drove 350 miles to Houston for a good Doctor.

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