Pain Management Doctor Who Will Prescribe Oxycodone 30mgs In Philadelphia


Seeking a pain medicine doctor who will prescribe pain meds along the lines of Oxycodone/Roxicodone 30mgs in Philadelphia where i now reside.

I have recently in the last several months beginning with a slip and fall accident, prior to that years ago i had right knee surgery and last year had two surgeries on my right hand which lead to putting pins in and also out. Now my biggest issue is the chronic back and neck pain (which also i have a son who just turned two) i had an Orthopedic doctor in Philadelphia send me for MRI's that came to prove i have buldged/herniated discs in my neck/C3-C4,C4-C5 also lower lumbar/L5-S1, also two pinched nerves in lower back each side, a pinched nerve right side of neck down into my shoulder and they found carpel tunnel in my left arm/hand. (not to familiar with carpel tunnel, doing research now) i was living in new jersey and had prescribed pain medication from my Orthopedic doctor and was taking up to four 30 mg generic Roxicodone a day for my pain which has become chronic pain due to like i mentioned an accident.. Etc.

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Hello, Khrysy! How are you? Sorry that you're in so much pain, no one should have to suffer like that.

As to getting the medications you need, what you are most likely going to have to do is get yourself set up with a new PCP and have them refer you to pain management. There have been new restrictions put in place regarding what general practitioners and surgeons can prescribe, how much they can prescribe and how long they can prescribe it.

Do you have PCP in your new area, yet?

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2 pain dr of 4plus years has decided to no longer practice pain management.i am on 30 mg oxycodone and 100 mg morphine er. no other doctors want to write for these prescriptions and apparently my prior doctor has a horrible reputation, which i am just finding out about.i desperately need help!

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Hi Djt and Khrsys, I know of one near Philly Pa that can def help you. He is wonderful, so if your still in need let me know. Thanks!

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Hello I am in the same situation with my dr deciding to stop helping his pain management patients after two years of treating me leaving me with no options or referrals. Can someone please help me find a dr that will treat me?

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Sure, anything is worth a shot at this point.. !Thanks, if you could let me know.

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My last text was for Lee C.. Sry!

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Hi I was looking through this forum to try and find some help. Without making this too long I was wondering if there is anyway that you would be able to help me out. Like the others you responded to I am looking for a new doctor for basically the same reasons. I'm hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks!!

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Hi Kyle, Where do you live? Can you come to Phila area?

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Hi Lee C. I've been seeing a pain management dr that stopped treating for pain management out of no where. Apparently he doesn't have the greatest reputation. Both my left and right shoulder dislocate on a daily basis, I've been being treated with Ms Cotin 60mg, oxycodone 30mg, folic acid, cyclobenze, and vitamin D. With no notice they closed their doors with no notice or referrall to continue my treatment. I am a father of one and its almost impossible to work two fulltime jobs to support my family dealing with the constant pain. if there is anyone you can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated, I have paper work and pharmacy reports to confirm my past treatment. Thank you for listening and I hope someone can find it to help.

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Hey LeeC...I live in the s.phily area near the airport

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I am looking forward to hearing from you...{edited for privacy}

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I could really use the Doctor's information as well. Same story, existing Doctor of 20 years referral etc. I have insurance and live in Philadelphia. Thank you.

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I had to go to a PM Dr. who was referred to me by my family Dr. who was from Philly. His office is on xxxxxx St. At your visit he will most likely ask you what seems like questions as to why you need pain management. I told him because I felt like calling 911 every time I woke up in the morning, it was so bad. Since then he is cool and asks zero questions! Let me know! {edited for privacy}

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Thanks last 6 questions to you are 1.) 44th st in what city? Did you need insurance or does he take cash? I had about 7 visits and 1 UA. Once I knew he was acting weird I was out of there in 5 minutes. What did he prescribe to you? Sorry for the 10 thousand questions but I really appreciate it and im trying to figure out a way to contact you so I can ask more of what I need to know, but like I said I appreciate everything!! Every morning I get up I feel like im 98 years old. It sux!!

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This message is also for Lee C.....I would surely appreciate the same information ),ser above). Thank you.

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Hello LeeC. I noticed you helped a few people with referrals and was hoping you wouldn't mind helping me as well. It's been almost a month since my Dr closed and I am struggling extremely with work due to the pain caused from chronic shoulder dislocations. I have MRI, X-ray, pharmacy reports and should be able to acquire my file from my last dr. If you would give me a referal it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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my uncle is having same problemhe's 70 years old yes a lot of medical problemshe goes back and forth from here to Florida he is a snowbird can't find a doctor to write his prescriptions here in Philadelphia

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hello lee i am also in need of a doctor for pain medication as the others as well i am in alot of pain and my dr who prescribe for me since 6 years is in orlando i moved to cherryhill nj which is 10 mins from philadelphia if you can please help me out would be much appreciated god bless you

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Hi guys. I might be able to help someone who is in need of pain relief. I know how difficult it is these days to find a good doctor who would not think that you are in his office to get some pills to feel high... {edited for privacy}

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Hey LeeC ...i got the street number of that pm doc but what city in pa? Thats all I need if u can give me that last part...or his initials and ill figure it out

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Re: Kyle (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

ME TOO! thank you in advance!

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Re: Lee C (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Lee, I know this is an old link, but I was wondering if that doctor was still there. What was his name and will he take someone from out of state. I live in Tennessee.

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Re: Mark (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Are you still helping people?

I had back fusion surgery, surgeon only gives 6wks worth and does not recommend or refer patients to pain clinics. PCP says go back to surgeon, PMclinics around here say no. Every day I feel like I need to go to Er.

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My friend has everything you described except carpal tunnel and takes ibuprofen. This is because she has children and doesn’t want to be caught up in addiction. I’m sorry your in pain but opioids side effect cause more pain. You sound young as you state you have a two year old...for your own sake find an alternative. Best to you.

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Need a pain management doctor who will prescribe me 30 my oxycodone in or around Philadelphia. My Dr is retiring.

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Re: Dag (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

You won't find any doctors like that anymore - period. The DEA has literally prevented anyone from prescribing such MG totals per script or per month. The doctors are flushing out anyone who doesn't have substantially documented and proven pain management history with irrefutable imaging and recent imaging and they're even throttling down those patients.

I have four sets of discs fused in addition to degenerative disc disease and disc wedging. I have two herniated discs as well. I have substantial medical history and recent MRI's confirming everything else well as my surgical history. I was originally on oxycodone 30mg QID and 10mg TID. I've been to three dozen doctors, even the 'shady' ones, and two doctors who are family friends - the most I can get from ANYONE is 15mg 3x a day.

New Jersey is even worse, their DEA offices have been flexing HARD and raiding everyone.

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Re: Lee C (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Lee C (# 3) --
C.N. you pl

Looking for a pain doctor for oxycodone have been in pain management for 11 years and doctor office closed and a new doctor is only writing 10mg oxy 3 a day when I was prescribed 30 mg 300 a month. Do you know a doctor that could help me.

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Re: UnderCareLegitimally (# 148) Expand Referenced Message

That’s not true at all. I have several herniations, spinal fusions, etc. Countless MRI’s, x-ray’s, two decades of pain management prescription.

All of the PM doctors are caving to the DEA crackdown and crushing legitimate patients such as myself in the process. The junkies are costing countless individuals like myself quality of life via medication. I’ve been on opioids for PM for 22 years now. The dea and doctors think the physiologic damage to my body that’s warranted two decades of pain medication, is just going to suddenly go away? I went from 30mg oxycodone q6hr (120 a month) to 90, to 80, to 60. Now they’re pushing 15mg @ 60.

I can’t find a genuine PM a doctor who will prescribe as per my history regardless of the plethora of valid, documented medical history and imaging as old as 1995 to as recent as two months ago.

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My doctor does Prescribed for my pain but he is pushing me to pain management
I found one my appointment is June 7 If this works out I’ll pass on the information

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Are you ppl seriously reading a one-Off post from *THREE YEARS AGO and thinking “Lee C” is going to reply and hook you up?? I say ‘hook you up’ cause if you had valid MRIs and Patient Records a PM doc would gladly take you and help you with options including Reasonable meds if needed. Not being able to provide current records showing why you can no longer get meds from a Valid Pain Mgmt Dr. is a huge problem. It’s You guys that can’t even type a concise message that are Ruining pain mgmt care for those of us with valid problems and valid dr. notes, etc. You guys need to check yourself and find a detox or a shrink!!

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