Pain Doctors Willing To Prescribe Anxiety Meds And Opioids?


Hello!!! This is a question for my mother, not me. She doesn't know how to use 'Net. She is in her late 40's and has horrible anxiety, and chronic pain [endo, back problems, cervix problems, fibroid, currently has sprained/bruised rib, and her uterus is backwards from giving birth to me, good job, me!]

She was on oxycodone 7.5 but she lost one of her pain specialists because they accused her of "stealing" a bottle of oxys that were supposed to be for her upcoming surgery [hysterectomy] but we had problems w/insurance. They wouldn't cover the surgery but she had already filled the pills, so they said she stole them even though she said she'd give them back, but they said no, you shouldn't have filled them in the first place. So she got kicked out.

Anyways, her next pain specialist, this one, said he REFUSES to prescribe xanax and oxycodone at the same time, so we're looking for a new doctor for her. She CANNOT give up either. I'm currently looking but i wouldn't even know how to ask without her seeming like a drug addict.

PS: does anyone in this state prescribe duragesic anymore? She's not looking to get back on, I was just curious because no one in the Fort Wayne area does anymore and i wondered if anyone did because it worked the best for her for 13 years. We're in Indiana - NE, to be specific. We'd prefer to stick in the Tri state area [IN, OH, MI] but open to traveling further if they're a really good doctor!!

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Not many, if any at all, docs will write a script for both pain meds and Xanax. The Xanax slows down your heart and that along with an opioid being in your system is enough to scare even a doctor who has been working with a patient for over 20 years. The new "Opiod Epidemic" has made this much worse. I'm upset because this epidemic is from people who don't see pain management doctors or any doctor for that fact, then they get the meds from someone who does see a doctor but needs the money from the sale of them to survive. I have been with the same pain management doctor for about 15 years and I am having to jump through hoops to get the meds that I have been taking for the 15 years I've been in pain management. Don't get me wrong, I started with low dose Opioid but as time went by and I got in a few car accidents my medicine was made stronger. I have never abused my meds and never will but I will be put through this 3 ring circus just to get the meds that I need to be able to live a semi-normal life. They have taken away the doctor's right to dispense the medicine that he/she knows will work due to the fact that they may be charged with medical malpractice or even lose their license to practice medicine. We need to go back to the good old days where doctors were fully in charge of the meds they give to people and not have to be afraid of the repercussions. It's a sad thing.....

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I'm wondering how your mother made out, has she been able to find a doctor who will give her both types of meds? I hope so because she needs them and is not a scammer put there trying to get the meds to do something other than take them for her own well-being. Please let me know.

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There are DR's bit they do a low dose on xanax cause they think people will mix them just need to take them seperatly I've found if you can find a family dr over a pain specialist .

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I have an inverted cervical curve, cervical lordosis, and severe agoraphobia. I am going on a plane trip soon and need a doctor willing to prescribe pain meds and/or Xanax or Diazepam. Living in Longview, TX. Willing to travel up to 50 miles if someone knows of anyone.

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Taking opiods and Bezos together cause problems. People not saying you. But people like to mix them for a good downer and to much of either your Dead! They both slow breathing down. I've almost died 2x from doing just that,and I took exactly what and how they said my body's metabolism for some reason slowed down and it built up in my body. I'm on it again but get blood work my choice every other month to watch levels. Sorry I don't live in your area but I go to 2 different docs. Pain and a shrink and both know about other one. Good luck

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If your mother needs treatment for terrible anxiety she should be working with a psychiatrist or at a minimum a PCP. Xanax is not the drug of choice for chronic anxiety and even within the benzos is the worst choice because of its short half life. Looking for a pain doc who prescribes both opioids and benzos is not what is best for your mom.

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Pain pills are a thing of the past. There are NO more script writers out there. As for benzos, they've been demonized as well so it's time to move forward. You might go to a methadone clinic or start on Suboxone like most everybody else.

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This is so true. I speak from 15 years from the time when Reckitt-Benckiser got its patent. And now with this new "admiinstration," (don't even like to say his name), things have become absolutely disastrous with the new power and clout given the DEA, a truly evil organization.

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Yes I agree, I have peripheral neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease. The doctors just gave me gabapentin which does nothing for the nerve pain relief and I have wicked anxiety but they just gave me buspar for that. So I'm a hurting unit and with trump in office along with the DEA threatening doctors things look pretty bleak

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Doctors are using more of the evidence based mecidal treatments.they don't just take the word of people that says they have severe pain in any spesfic areas of the body. My PM provider is strict but fair they listen to me and of course follow up with any medical records they need. Fortunately the Dr owns three PM practices and all of his providers that see patients are great with us all..they do treat us like human beings and not just numbers. It is hard to. Find any doctor that doesn't just rush to treat. You may just need to fimd a good primary doctor and they usually can get you referred to the best PM doc.

Have a good day

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