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I just moved to Nashville and need a Dr. to continue writing my Oxycodone 30mg 4/day. I have medical records & MRI showing I actually need the medication. I can get a referral if needed. I appreciate ANY help. Thank you!

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Hi Nashvillelady,

I may not have a PM doctor I can refer you to, but I can provide you with a couple links that may be of service to you in so far as finding pain management doctors within your general area...

Just input your city or zip code for narrowed results:
{link removed because site no longer exists}

I'd consider calling up a number of them to see if any are accepting new patients, as some aren't, but most usually are.

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor! :)

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look up dr. Andrew Opalekee ... I am not 100 percent sure of the spelling but that will bring his information up he recently moved there from Central Florida. make sure you tell him Chris the big guy from Tampa says hi

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you will find it he is 1 of the most compassionate living room pain management doctors.

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Nashville area, look up Dr. Aballay...As long as you have your records he will see you...

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I found him in Nashville, but it shows him as a primary care doc. Is he strictly primary care or pain? How strict is he about writing pain meds? What all should we take to the first appt to guarantee he will write the same amount we have been getting which is 120-30mg Oxycodone? Dr's have gotten so strict bout writing pain meds and we have got to find a Dr that we know will write his meds. Thank you so very very much.

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What records do I need to take in? Thanks so very much!

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Good luck! I cant find any who take Tenncare/United Healthcare. I recently have surgery twice! As a result one place booted me out! They had me on dilaudid 8mg 3/day along with the 30mg/2day morphine sulphate 30mg. I complained of lethargy and requested the 30mg/roxi i was on previously to no avail. Surgery was due to deep vein thrombosis from the lethargy. They also neglected to tell me that dilaudid had a rare side effect of muscle spasms, hence, the need for injections which can also cause a blood clot if you dont move around after getting one! They screw up and discharged me! I think i need a lawyer. But right now i need a pain doctor w/o injections. --Nashville area

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Where did Dr. Opaleke move to? His Nashville office closed back in June/July and I would like to see him or a Dr. similar to him asap.

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It doesn't matter since hardly no pharmacies around the Nashville area will fill the Oakpees scripts.

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Thats same I heard, i even had an appt with them and they said, "good luck getting them filled." Hemel Mehta is good but try to avoid the nurse practitioner. I told them last month that the low dose of oxycontin kept me in withdrawal and she said, "gee wonder why he made it so low?" So she upped the mg and a week letter i got a discharge letter for overtaking my meds

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This is so sad What pain management had come to. I have a failed spinal surgery with residual nerve damage that can't be fixed because there is no cure.e beeninpainover

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Have you been able to find a decent pain management doctor? I just relocated to Nashville for work from Birmingham and am having to leave my pain management doctor there who I absolutely love. Like you I've had a spinal fusion but still suffer a lot of pain from it and pain from additional degenerative discs. I have been on 5-6 Lortab 10mg per day for years along with steroid and RF procedures which has been a very effective treatment plan.

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I need help finding a pain management doctor. A good one. A doctor that cares about their patients and listens to them. A doctor that is not afraid to treat his patients as individuals, not as a group. I worked for HCA and Parkview Hospital when it was Parkview Hospital. I have worked for Dr. Frist, Dr. Huston, etc. in the Nashville area. I answered all their patient calls and have my medical terminology and coding certification from HCA. I say that so I will be understood when I say this: I have been in pain management going on 5 years. My primary doctor sent me because I was eating Tylenol and Ibuprofen like it was candy 6, 7, to 8 times a day for the pain in my legs. It is arthritis. All my family has had it for generations. My sisters, brother, mother, all of us. It has now spread to my neck, spine, ankles, feet, and beginning in my hands. I play classical piano and have my own cleaning business. My uncle lives with us and has stage 4 bone cancer. My husband is disabled (a veteran from Vietnam) and I have a 13 year old son. My 19 year old has tumors in her feet. I HAVE TO WORK. But I cannot find a pain management doctor to help me. I have been on Methadone 10mg. 2, 3xdaily, for apprx. 7 years. I do not feel high from it. I do not have to increase my medication. I can work every day with a clear head and I feel as close to normal as possible with rheumatoid arthritis as I can. But I cannot find a doctor to continue prescribing my medicine for me. My formal pain mgmt. wanted to bring me way down, and I can barely operate on this dosage. Or every doctor wants to put me on Morphine. MORPHINE. Last week Dr. Miller at Pain Management Group said he would not prescribe methadone to me because he believes it is too easy to overdose on. I have looked at the statistics, and 3x more people DO overdose on morphine than methadone every year. State and country wide. I need help finding a doctor that will treat and help me. I can barely work and my family is going down slowly. We can hardly pay the bills because I cannot work. Not to mention the pain and now going back to taking Tylenol and ibuprofen like it was candy again. Spreading out my last few pain pills to try and get through every day life for my family as preparing dinner, washing clothes, cleaning the house, etc. Can someone please help me? PLEASE. Sincerely, slt in Tn.

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Have you found any help yet? I am female 57 and have been going to a great place for 6 years. They are also taking new patients. I'd like to get to chat with you though if it's ok. I don't want to post my email because I would get a barrage of email.

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Could you please get in touch with me kdog? I need help. Serious pain problem. Not being taken seriously.

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That's a good idea and I have another pretty long list that has a lot of Pain Management Doctors and Clinics in fact there's actually info on there that I was going to share. I really don't just want to share it in the open forum for legitimate reasons. I've seen some posts on this forum that sort of don't look like they are legitimate reasons for wanting to get pain meds. If I felt someone was trying to get for any other reason that what they were intended for it wouldn't make me happy. I know how hard it is to get help for actual health reasons and also how I've been made to feel over the past 20 years trying to get that help. I know that just talking to someone for a couple of minutes over the internet I'm not going to know for sure either but just posting my information out here and people going where I am going it could mess it up for people that are sincere and actually need the help, not wanting to cash in.

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Here is the list that I had but I notice that the date is back a ways. I know some of them are still in business though and the one I have been seeing for over 6 years is also on there, here is the list:

They're very good, I have never actually seen the Doctor but my Nurse Practitioner is excellent. Very kind, understanding and helpful. When I first started going I had a difficult time finding the right pharmacy to fill my medications but now since I've been going to the place that I found a while back I rarely have a problem getting my medicines filled except sometimes the price (I have to pay cash for everything) It is also pretty close to the Clinic as well. Yes, they do take new patients where I go, you have to have a recent MRI and have your most recent pharmacy fax your most recent list of prescriptions. I am not quite sure but I do think that I had to have my Family Physician fax my records as well. You have to call to get their fax number to the clinic get everything to them (except office visit-that must be made either with credit card or debit card of money order at the time of your first visit) then you wait for them to call you with an appointment date. They are prompt though, if you don't hear from them in a week or so, call them back and they really good about checking into see what the hold up is.

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Been relocated to Smyrna from Knoxville Tennessee, would appreciate any suggestions if you know local clinics taking new patients kdog. Thanks for your time.

{edited for privacy}.

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Hey k-dog. Thanks for all the help. I'm pretty sure I know & was considering changing to the Dr. You were referring to. Just answer if its 1of these 2 places. I'm going protect theirs n your annonimity by using abbre/initial. Is either of these H.H.&W. well that's an acronym for the name of the office the head Nurse practioner's initials are C.S. that's the 1st, now the second all I know is one of the Nurse Practioners initials are D.F. & I can jus abbreviate this Aff. Is in the name. If either one makes since to you or maybe they both will & if so let me know if either 1's this wonderful Dr you speak of. BTW I'm battling RA, SLE, Lupus amongst several other things like Scoliosis. So, I will put any information to great use. Sincerely struggling & searching

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Re: John (# 43) Expand Referenced Message

Hello. Can u please tell me the name of the dr.? I need to find me one. I've had two failed back surgeries.

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Re: slt (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

I understand I'm in a bad way as well.I live daily in pain try sky line

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Re: Grow up (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

Dear grow up,

Why be so rude? Addicts we are not, well most of us. Some of us cannot take NSAIDs. Or Tylenol, due to interactions with other drugs or liver damage (and no, not because of alcohol).

I find it quite stunning that you can pigeonhole us, discern us to be addicts, by our posts, when our good doctors who prescribe these med to us, in person, after our check ups and mri, xrays, scans, and actually looking at us, cannot tell what is sooo obvious to you! Those dumbbells must not have the sense of a box of you.

The reason these people post here is because they need help. Help understanding their meds, tolerance issue, and yes, they even want to know whether or not they are addicted, or just dependent. They WANT to know, for their peace of mind and wellbeing. You come barging in with your blanket statements, holier than thou attitude, and put us all in our place. Oh, of course you'll find an odd post here and there by a seeker, by addicts that need to pass a drug panel. Those seem to be the exception, not the rule. Sometimes due to poor typing, writing skills you may think you are dealing with trash addicts. Not true. If they care enough to seek out information, they are not so stupid. And should we judge them because they know what works and what doesn't? No, but they could learn a lesson on how to address their medicine and pain issues, without sending out wrong signals to their docs. I find this site very useful for understanding ALL my meds, not just pain meds.

It would do you well to keep your disparaging remarks to yourself. You really said nothing we haven't already thought of ourselves. Asked ourselves, struggled with. Thanks but no thanks for the lecture.

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Re: Grow up (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

Wow! What an ass you are! I am addicted to pain meds, I have been taking them since 2008 for a car wreck that caused serious issues. I pray you never know what chronic pain is, and have to rely on meds to have any kind of life.

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Re: Grow up (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

You clearly have no knowledge of what it is like to have a serious illness that causes pain at levels you did not know even existed. Your post is mean spirited and unhelpful. You sound like the Dark Spirit. Is this what gives you pleasure? Being cruel to sick people. You do not know any of these people. You cannot say for certain that any of them is an addict. Even if one is maybe the rest are not. Your closed-mindedness and ignorance show the same lack of maturity of which you accuse others.

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Re: Cook (# 161) Expand Referenced Message

Yep same here! When I took my 30mgs as I saw fit, I had a vibrant busy productive life .... I stopped taking Phenytoin, which is generic Dilantin, used for nerve pain in my had been causing me to hypermetabolize and overtake the oxy for four years!!! I did the research and found what was causing it.. my use dropped considerably after quitting phenytoin.... none of my doctors knew it did that!!! My tinnitis got so bad that I had to quit school and pain got bad again so I spent most of my time in bed when Im compliant.....

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Re: kdog (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Is this place in Nashville, Tn. Because I go to PMG and they are wanting to start putting shots in my back

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Re: Amber (# 157) Expand Referenced Message

Brad at IPC IN Hendersonville! He asked as if he was aware of oxy helping thyroid and how important thyroid health was, and then only wrote me 10mg...I explained that I had been on 30mgs for the past 6 or 7 years and he still wrote 10! He called me in for a pill count and when I arrived I explained that I thought I fired them already. (That was my intent) and they said, "oh no! You're not firing us! We're firing you!" And then wrote "reason-refused to turn up for pill count."

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Re: Cook (# 161) Expand Referenced Message

Good luck!! When they stopped taking my ins. I noticed my Fentanyl (which they shouldve never given me) was cut in half. I went back to inquire and nurse screamed "you pushed me! You pudhed me"! Anyhow I now 1 1/2 yrs later cant find any doc who isnt part of CPS! What a racket!

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Re: Brad (# 95) Expand Referenced Message

Can you share your doctor's information? I need to leave cps as they have cut me off my Klonopin suddenly because they don’t prescribe anymore and had me on oxymorphone for 6 months due to my C spine only to take me off and say long acting isn’t necessary for my C spine because my disc bulge is mild to moderate; also telling me on that same day that they will no longer prescribe oxymorphone either way and suddenly stopped me on it. I’m back to the same dosage I’ve been on for over a year of Roxicodone 15mg 4x a day and that’s the highest they go now. I have DDD arthritis and fibromyalgia. I need a doc who will put me back on my oxymorphone as it was the only thing helping. I was doing so well I enrolled in school and had to quit when I was stopped on my long acting due to the pain. I had an accident in July and they only would recheck C spine and thoracic regions, completely ignoring my lower back.

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