New Release Of Generic Brand Oxycontin 80 Milligram Tablets


I am currently trying to get information on the new released generic Oxycontin 80 milligram tablets .I have heard that by the end of this month there will be a couple of new generic brand Oxycontin 80's made available at a reduced cost here in Ontario Canada .The current cost I have to pay for the dosage of Oxycontin 80 milligram tablets I am taking is $233.oo a week or $932.oo a month ( That though is for the Oxycodone which I found when we changed over from the Oxycontin's was a bit less effective in pain relief) So I for one will be happy to see when the generic brand Oxycontin's are released .If of course their strength is as good as the original Oxycontin's were . If you have any information regarding the new generic brand Oxycontin 80 milligram ,IE the name brand ,the manufacturers name and the quality of pain relief granted by the different types ?. And any information on getting these medications covered by the government programs such as the Disability Drug benefit program or any other Canadian service ? I would very much appreciate any and all such information .
Thank you
Respectfully Savvier Chronic Pain Sufferer

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Since you are talking about medications in Canada, I have to be honest and say that I really don't know.

To try to prevent fraud, due to the large number of fake pills that have been turning up on the Canadian market, they've actually begun to closely guard this type of information. They aren't even publicly releasing the descriptions and markings that are on any new prescription medications.

Learn more Oxycontin details here.

I understand that it's very frustrating, especially with the current prices being so high, but unfortunately, the only thing I can say is that you'll just have to wait and see if there are generics that show up or not.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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I suffer also with chronic pain. I pay the same as you are. It is robbery. There are so many of us going through the system trying to find cheaper medications. I take alot of medication besides pain meds. I barely have money for anything else. All my savings are gone. I don't know what I am going to do when I have to go through the gap next year. That's paying over $4700.00 in the first 3 months of the year. I can't borrow any more. I really am scared. My pain is so bad. I can't walk anymore and my depression and panic attacks are alot worse. I worry all the time. I should'nt be punished for people abusing the medication I take. It is so wrong!!! I wanted to do so much with my retirement money, I had enough to travel.,it was my life's dream. Now I pay for meds. No traveling for me. I worked and saved for nothing! Put my children through college. Did everything right.I thought! I can't get medicaid because I make to much. But my money goes towards meds and drs. and hospitals. They don't care. I need the medication to be cheaper. .There are so many of us . Retired diabled who can't afford their medications. The rich don't need help amd the poor has welfare and medicaid. It's the ones that have worked all their lives. American citizens, doing without. We are the ones hurting.

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That pricing is absolutely crazy.
A box of 30 x 80mg OxyContin from my Belgian pharmacy costs €35, just over a Euro per tablet. 120mg tablets cost €45 per box.
How do they justify such ridiculous prices in Canada? I knew that the USA was controlled by criminally profiteering manufacturers and distributors, not to mention the Pharmacy mark-up which is by far the highest in the world, but is never imagined that Canada would be the same.
Avoid Oxy-Neo like the plague, they use the same plastinated formula Purdue Frederick USA use in their dreadful 'OP' tablets, which by experience I find to be around half the strength of the equivalents as made in the UK by Bard Pharma and distributed by Napp, and prompt some quite distressing gastric side effects as well as causing headaches. Anybody with any sense at all will have changed from MR tablets to IR oxycodone capsules or tablets by now.
I believe that Canada has generic oxycodone MR made by:
Core Pharma
Caraco and
I am afraid I do not know how many of the nine strengths of OxyContin have been replicated by these companies, but I DO know that the 120mg strength is not manufactured by ANY company making generic MR oxycodone anywhere at all, that strength being available ONLY in the United Kingdom.
Sandoz make an IR oxycodone tablet (not capsule) in three strengths of ovoid shape, viz: 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.
Tabletted oxycodone is in my experience less effective than capsules of the original Oxynorm brand, a 30mg tablet giving roughly the same analgesia as a 20mg Oxynorm capsule. This would appear to be a bioavailability issue due to the inhibitory effect of binders used in tabletting. The APA has stated that the best quality generic opioids are made by the US firm, a subsidiary of Covidien, Inc, MALLINCKRODT.

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I picked up my reg Mallincrodt 30 mg and it looked lighter and does not work as well. I contacted Mallincrodt thru their website and they called me in 20 minutes, wanting to know details. I saw on their website, they make Roxycodone and an oxycodone er version.

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