My Doctor Prescribed Me To Use Folihair 302, I Want To Know The Side Effects Othe These Tablets


i am facing serious hair loss from last 2 months...i dont have dandruf. but i feel itcing most of the time. my father has bald hari. my doctor prescribed my to use the follihair 302 tablets. i want to know the side effects of this tablets.

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Follihair is just a nutritional supplement that contains a mixture of vitamins that are believed to help with hair growth and health.

Learn more about hair growth here.

As a supplement, it has not been tested for side effects, as is done with actual drugs.

Are you on any medications that may be causing the hair loss?

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If you have hair loss problem, visit Srilanka or contact a Srilankan. All Srilankans know that very successful herbal liquid named as KESHAMULATHARALAYA which gives successful results. It is very popular in Srilanka due to successful results.

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I have a lot of hair fall for the past few years . Please suggest some vitamnis for it to stop.

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please give it to jayasurya and aravinda de silva...both are

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looks like Mallinga is consuming it a lot...

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