Looking For "e 79" Brand Zolpidem Tablets?


For those of you who wish to get the "E 79" form of Zolpidem 10mg tablets, good news: Walmart Pharmacies stock them at a low price. I have been using these on occasion for two years, and they are indeed a high quality generic form of genuing Ambien (which will cost you $225.00 for 30 pills).

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The tablets with the E 79 marking are manufactured by Aurobindo Pharma.

However, not all Wal-Mart pharmacies may carry them, it may vary in different areas of the country, so those looking for them should check with their pharmacist first.

Learn more Zolpidem details here.

Thank you for the post, Taurus. Can you post back with your general area, so people there that are looking for them know they can find them?

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Yes I can: I live in the South Florida area. Most proabably every Walmart on the Southeast side of the state between Key West and the Palm Beaches, to the Southwest side of the state should carry the Aurobindo brand (E79).

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