Liquid Methadone Color Discrepancy


My husband is taking liquid methadone has been for about four years and this morning he noticed his medicine was cloudy and then he took his other doses out and found several others of his doses were too. They were filled at the same time. Is this supposed to happen? And is it common? He said he hasn't bee feeling right for the last couple of days. I am worried, has anyone have this happen to thiers? And what could cause it?

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I'm not sure, but it makes me wonder if perhaps they didn't mix it properly.

Has he tried calling the clinic or doctor that he receives it from to ask them?

What are the symptoms he's experiencing when he says he isn't feeling right?


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never heard of cloudy methadone unless juice is added.even then its not cloudy.
Is this is the clear or red type of methodone
I woild have taken them back to clinic to be sure bottles were clean.

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liquid methadone can come in powder form and mixed with water thats why it may be cloudy and taste different or strange? i have had the same problem some is sugar free that tastes alot different. i would ask the pharmacy he gets it from? esp if hes not feeling to good as it may be a bad batch or something? i hope hes not too unwell as methadone withdrawl is horrible!!

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My methadone clinics methadone is not always the same. I'm sick one day and loaded on other days I think the owner is cutting the methadone with water .people I know r changing clinics and say its so strong and they r high really high. What do I do how do I report it . Intergreated health clinic is doing it and I don't know what to do I'm coming down on my dose and if there messing with my dose I'm never going to grt off.

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The methadone bottle was probably just getting very low, and the clinic just needed to change bottles. His doses were just at the very end of the bottle. Therefore; making the methadone appear cloudy.
I hope He is feeling better. this message is 4 months later...but still informing.

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My Mom and I have been on the methedone program successfully for over 3 years, and we also, have noticed a cloudy, white substance in our carrie (have had full carries for over 2 years.) We have also noticed a huge difference in the way we feel. If you get anymore answers regarding this, We would greatly appreciate an email or post to figure out what's going on with our Methedone. It started to change back in Jan. of 2012. Also, am I allowed to ask the pharmacist at the clinic and see my carries tested? So that I can make sure we are getting the proper, perscribed dosage. Thanks again,

J & J

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I have been successfully on methadone for 8 yrs. and it has SAVED MY LIFE! I get my methadone at the pharmacy and I get 1 month at a time.Sometimes towards the end of the month I notice that my medication is cloudy, that's how I got to this website.Just last night I put it in the refridgerator (locked up) to see if that will make a difference.I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if this helps the situation.Thanks for everyone else's input!!! Littlered

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How can u tell that it is clear liquid methadone cuz I ran short and someone helped me out with clear liquid methadone but I didn't see them take it out the bottle and I never had the clear liquid methadone before is there any way to identify it

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I'm confused, what color is methadone really? Ive heard its clear and clinics add a solution, for ex. green solution in my clinic, to give it some color, and obviously when u get dosed u have an option of juice or water. Im asking because Ive noticed my methadone is much lighter in color the past few days and I hope no one is messing it up and watering it down. It comes out lighter out of the pump already so it would had to be tampered with before hand if at all. Any thoughts, ideas?

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Where do you get methadone prescribed at a pharmacy once a month??!! I would love to move there. Over here in N.Y. The most is once a week!

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is there any white clear methadone? it looks like water.

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I am curious what the clear liquid methadone is suppose to tastes like? My dr shorted me and told me I would be fine for three days and I of course was not fine so I had to get some from someone else... The bottle was sealed but it tastes like water so I feel like they maybe just put the seal back on with just water in it.....

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I have been on liquid methadone, cherry flavor for 11 years an have never experienced anything bad or cloudy . I'm so sry this is happening. Not cool

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Omg it taste awful. It taste worst then anything I have ever tased. U would no if it was methadone. The clear gags u.

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Methadone in Scotland is green and 1mg to every 1ml . Sometimes cloudy. Think it's just the bottom of thereptile 1000ml bottle it turns a bit cloudy. Am reducing now. Was on 100 now down to 55. 50 starting Monday. Not looking forward to getting to lower than 30 and switching to suboxon. Think I'll need time of work

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How are you guys getting liquid from a pharmacy, I thought you can only get that from a clinic, I was getting it from my pcp for pain and they just cut me, because of all these drs getting arrested. They referred me to pain management but no luck yet. I'm on long Island if any one knows of any where I can go please let me know. Thank you

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{message removed for policy reasons}

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Re: Fed up (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

First of all you don't feel HIGH but if you don't have it u feel like s***. It is the government way of making money from the addicts. Withdrawing from other opioids is a picnic in comparison and they don't care about your sobriety because if you are 1 minute late they won't dose u and laugh when you beg so don't get it twisted it ain't no party.

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I just started taking methadone and the one I got is like a light mint green looking color. Has anyone ever ssw this color before? Everyone that I ask said they never saw it in green always red and orange. Can anyone help and let me know if they've seen green methadone 100mg

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Re: Fed up (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

You obviously have no idea what the f*** your talking about. I am a Pharmacy Tech, and I have been addicted to Opiates since I was 18. Methadone does not create that "rush" most opiates have. Your other comment, "free" I pay $80 a week for my methadone, as well as being forced to go to a therapist, and 2 drug panels a month. Only a very very small percentage gets it for free. In Detroit it's 90% cash based, some clinics dont take any insurance. Next time mind your F*** buisiness, especially if you have no idea WTF your talking about. I've seen alcohol do worse things to people, things opiates would never do.. dumb people wreck it for everyone.

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Re: Selene (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Yes there is clear methadone I have had it given to me in the hospital when I was there for surgery. And methadone was much stronger than the pink methadone I was getting from the methadone clinic.

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Re: Kaydollasign (# 84) Expand Referenced Message

The counterfeit pills are what caused it. Sorry, I know this was years old, but yea, the pressed pills are being cut with crazy s*** now. Some horse tranq and fentanyl... It’s crazy.

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Re: Lisa (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

A clinic. I’m not in NY, I’m in Delaware. We have clinics that give you doses and as long as u remain clean and only show positive for methadone (we can have THC in our system also and won’t get in trouble for it (in new castle county anyway at brandywine). You start low and can go up every week by request until you're on a stable dose. As u get further you get 1 week take homes and after awhile 1 month worth of take home doses. You have to go before dosing closes and have to have all your bottles or they give u BIG S***. Maybe won’t even dose. U/A once a month. There's a counselor u must talk to at least by phone once a month. It’s great if you’re following the rules. If you’re not tho….. Lol, good luck!

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In Ohio your medical card pays for your methadone. 275mg

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Re: Lisa (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Canada, UK, etc. gets theirs from pharmacy. In U S. It's clinic only!!

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Re: Diana (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Vermont u get 30 days take homes to aftwr a year clwan .

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Re: Dan (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Your comment was posted back in 2016, it's now 2021....but, every word you stated is correct!

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Re: Nik (# 79) Expand Referenced Message

Couldn't have said it better myself

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I am having the same issue. I get my doses every 2 weeks and toward the end of that period my doses start losing their color and smell. Usually it a deep red and the smell is potent enough to hit ur gag reflex. However, I have noticed when it loses the color it is also losing that potent smell, and it feels like the all around potency has gotten much weaker bc when I take the doses that have lost smell and color I start feeling sluggish half way thru the day, and when I finally get my next 2 weeks to take home. That 1st one I take that is deep red and smells strong works well. So I don't think everyone's stories can be chalked up to the food coloring.

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Hi I just wanted to tell you that my methadone is always cloudy. Mine is red and if it sits for any amount of time it gets cloudy. I noticed my take home bottles get this way after a couple of days.

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