Liquid Methadone Together With Morphine


my mom takes 36ml of liquid methadone 3 times a day and 7ml of liquid morphine every hour for cancer. I want her to get off the drugs and into some sort of treatment for her cancer. Is she going to need help getting off the drugs?

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I am a Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer survivor. And really I understand your concerns. And I guess it depends on your individual situation. Just keep in mind that it is you Mother's choice whether or not to pursue cancer treatment. Treatment in itself is a living hell and just because she starts treatment doesn't mean she will be coming off of her pain meds. Some people would rather live their last days with as little pain as possible instead of adding even more pain, stress, and agony by going through a treatment that may or may not even work. If your mother has Cancer, right now is not the time to be detoxing from pain meds. Especially her cancer is at a later stage or is causing her much pain and emotional trauma. I can attest to the fact that it was extremely hard for me to stop using my pain medication after my cancer went into remission after chemo and having a large multi organ debulking operation. I was back on the road to recovery and was excited that I may survive and the physical and emotional trauma of withdrawl was severe. Speak to your Mom try to understand her and keep in mind besides being your Mother, she is also an individual who has the right to make her own decisions and keep in mind that the alternative options may be worse than the present situation.

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I think the prior poster covered the most concerning issues very well.

What type of cancer does your mother have?

Are there treatment options available?

Learn more Cancer details here.

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Methadone is a opiate blocker so taking morphine on top of it is not going to help with pain I don't under stand why they would prescribe both ask the doctor next time u see him or her

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Dear Lisa,
I understand that seeing your mother on drugs is hard. She is probably incoherent much of the time. Remember though compassion is what she needs. If she is on pain meds she probably needs them. I don't know what kind of treatment she is on, but remember Chemotherapy is a poison. It is designed to kill cells which is why is works on cancer. The trick is to not give too much, that is why the hair falls out. If She is is on Radiation, that is one of the most PAINFUL treatments there is. It literally burns the body, bad. Not knowing what stage your mother is in or what type of cancer she has. You should ask yourself. Do you want her living in mind screaming, excruciating pain that could turn her into a mean spirited person, or would you rather have her live the rest of her life in comfort, smiling whenever she sees you.

Bottom line is this if the doctor thinks the pain meds are necessary then they probably are. You could even ask for a second opion. Drugs are not BAD. Sometimes they are used by

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If she is in pain from the cancer getting off the drugs might not be the best answer
If she is taking to much maybe cut back but do you want her to live in complete pain all the time if it was my mom i would do whats good for her not what I want. Right now im sure she doesnt need the extra stress of you coming down on her I mean shes got cancer im sure she doesnt need her own kid judging her

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Methadone is not an opiate blocker. The idea is to be on a dose that fills the opiate receptors, so you don't have opiate cravings. Or in your mother's case to achieve a therapeutic pain relieving dose. Methadone is good for chronic pain because it is longer lasting than other opiates. Honestly 36ml even 3 times a day is not a huge dose so moraphine on top of that for a cancer patient sounds reasonable and far from excessive.

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DR. JEFFERY SCOTT: "Bad people"? Is that what you call "drug addicts"?

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Methadone blocks other opiates..from doing what they are meant to do. Why do u thinnk they give it to addicted people or others that abuse their pain meds..and yeah methadone can be used for pain but its not taken with other meds.. i myself am on 125mg of methadone a day.. and i could take 10 percs and not feel them at all...u can google it...its a fact

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Dr. Jeffrey sickens me. Ugh. My mother has cancer through her body. She is given 200 mg xr of morphine every 4 hours and 30 mg ir every 3-4 hours and 1mg xanax every 2 hours!! I have my own opinion on it just like everyone else. I do feel like a p.o.s. because I no longer could care for Her and had to put Her in a Home, I've yet to see Her because of my own issues I don't want to regret it but ANYHOW.. methadone is NOT A BLOCKER, I took 5mg percs NEVER EVER NOTHING HIGHER then was introduced to methadone. I was out of it at 35mg, but I chased it up to 200 mg. So no it's not a BLOCKER but eventually ur so high with ur tolerance it's pointless to take anything. Needless to say I listened to everyone tell me I'd be a failure, I'd die, I couldn't do it, I kicked cold turkey 6.5 years ago. Back to ur mom, our mom's, cancer patients, we don't know there pain. They don't know the pain in watching them. However my opinion is sometimes doctors can't help anymore as in my mother's situation and I feel they are drugging her until she passes. Hope this Helps. Oh and Doc. Jeffery lol addiction is a disease not a choice "DOC".

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RYANC: I am on 80 mgs, down from 90 mgs, and have been on doses up to 140 mgs. Don't know where you go that methadone is an "opiate blocker" because it is not. It is just a plain ol, full agonist opioid like morphine or oxy. Things like buprenorphine and Naloxone are "blockers". Now, if you are on ENOUGH methadone, your receptors will be coated, just like with any other full agonist opioid. So you won't crave and you may not feel the FULL effects of other opioids, but that is only because your receptors are already coated with the methadone. But it is technically not a "blocker".

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OPINIONS: No, it is not a "blocker". It is a full-agonist opioid, just like oxys. Good luck with your mother, I know that is a difficult situation to be in.

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I don't know what type of cancer she has. Pain from other problems, let alone that, is absolutely excruciating. Has she talked to her Dr about other things that can be done, or she is protecting you from how severe it is? What type of cancer does she have? Some cancers REQUIRE meds and getting addicted to it is the least of her problems. Let me know about her prognosis I'll be happy to send you a note.

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Why is she on the drugs? For pain due to cancer? Needs to be discussed with the Dr.

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She has cancer not a sore throat. I know that sounds harsh. It truly is between her and her doctors. I hope she will overcome it.

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Yes, Methadone is very addictive. More so than the morphine. The withdrawals can last for weeks. You have to understand. & your Mom is not just taking the Medicine. It is for Pain. However im sure she can be safely titrated if her cancer has not metastasized (spread through her body). Please tread light on her. She is facing an uphill battle. I wish you luck.

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1mL is 10mg. There is no way in hell your mom takes 360mg 3 times a day of methadone. Tell someone else that bulls***.

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Re: Opinions are like the poop shoot we all have one (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry, but yes, it is a choice when people start taking it that do NOT need it. I'm talking about the people who steal it from relatives or buy it on the street, this IS a choice and yes they end up addicted by continuing to use them. You cannot get addicted to pain meds after surgeries, tooth extractions, etc...UNLESS you CHOOSE to lie to get more. I am sick of hearing young people tell their parents they got addicted after a surgery, that is a blatant lie. 5 to 7 days of opiate use will NOT get anyone addicted. You make that choice to continue use any longer than necessary. Now someone who has cancer or who has had a serious accident and is required to be on long term pain meds, then no, this is not a choice but they will be addicted.

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