Lexapro And Diazepam Still Not Enough


Hi, I am going through a very tough separation from my wife I still deeply love from the bottom of my heart. We have two little children, the thought of losing it all, the feeling of having failed at what is most important in my life has made me spiral into a deep depression. My doctor started with Lexapro 10mg once a day and Diazepam 5 mg twice a day. Since I was still having anxiety and panic attacks almost daily, my doctor put me on 20 mg of Lexapro once a day and 10 mg of Diazepam twice a day. I feel much better but the panic attacks and feeling of falling off a cliff are still happening daily.

I don’t know what to do. Ask to increase the dosage? I am just starting to see a counselor, unfortunately getting someone approved by my health Insurance could see me took a few weeks. I am sure talk therapy will be a tremendous help but the pain I am feeling is debilitating. What should I do?

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Hello, Nico! How are you doing? I am very sorry about what you're going through, that's always a tough situation.

How long have you been taking your current doses?

Usually, it takes about 4 to 5 weeks of taking a medication at one steady dose for it to reach the full level of efficacy in your body.

Have you been experiencing any side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, or headaches?

Ref: Lexapro and Diazepam Information.

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I have been taking lexapro for a month, changed the dosage from 10 to 20 mg a week ago. Same for the diazepam, 5 to 10 mg twice a day a week ago. Fortunately, I do not have any side effects. I feel a difference so it works, just not enough for the way I’d like to feel to function as “normally” as possible. I still get up at 5 am 4 to 5 times a week to do an hour of sport, mix of indoor cycling and exercice as I am also trying to lose weight and know exercise is good for depressive states. I changed my diet completely, cut all alcohol at least for a while and have been dropping pounds at a healthy rate. Even at those dosages I am able to get up early, exercise and still have a full day at work having to deal with heavy anxiety. I wish the pain could be numbed a little more.

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