Is It Safe To Take 20mg Of Percocet And 4mg Hydromorphone Together


Is It Safe To Take 20mg Of Percocet And 4mg Hydromorphone Together every 4 hrs?

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I'm sorry, but there is actually no 20mg Percocet tablet. Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and is only available with a maximum of 10mgs of the Oxycodone.

Did you mean just a regular Oxycodone tablet, like the generic for Roxicodone, which is available in a 20mg dosage?

Have these both been prescribed by the same doctor?

Many times, different narcotics are prescribed together, to try to help someone get better control of pain. A lot of times a person may given a regular release of time released narcotic, along with an instant release or regular release, respectively, so one can help control their pain faster, while the other one has the chance to kick in.

When using 2 narcotics together, you should know to watch for the signs of central nervous system depression, since they can both cause it and doubling up may increase its likelihood.

If you start experiencing these symptoms, which may include lowered blood pressure, extreme drowsiness, sedation and lowered pulse rate, then contact a doctor immediately.

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Ive never heard or seen a 20mg Roxy. only 5mg, 15, and 30mg! Opana has a 20mg and a 40mg, but oxy doesn't come in a 20mg form that I know of and Im an RN. If your tolerance is low this could kill the average 150lb male or send u to the ER so be careful, know what your body can and can't take, and always work closely with your prescriber. There are many ways to lower tolerance if ur a chronic pain patient using drugs and supp's called Nootropic's so look them up on diff. forums and u will be amazed at the way ur body's tolerance went dwn and stayed dwn even tho ur using the same doseages!

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Verwon.....I do believe that when some talk about taking 20mg of Percocet they are actually taking 2 10mg tablets at the same time but don't say that..... instead just state the total MG of perc, or any drug, they are taking.

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You need to be careful, and maybe take half of both meds and you handled it , it would be likely that you can handle as prescribed.

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I just had back surgery and have had both percocet and diluadid. Now I'm home and can't get pain under control. Which is the better one for my pain? Can you alternate the two?

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Very well thought out and equally well- and correctly-written! My compliments.

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Actually YES there is a Percocet 20mg, they have no Tylenol in them. I have a script for them, and I've had them for about 6 months now. They're very small pills and easier on your stomach and liver than 10/325's. That's why I switched bc 650mg of tylenol each dose was just too much.

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Having taken both post-surgery AND in my professional opinion: DILAUDID (Hydromorphone) is, of course, far stronger than Percocet. However, it's not long-lasting. I had to have a wisdom tooth out and my Oral Surgeon insisted on doing it INPATIENT at the Cardiac-centered hospital because KI'm on Coumadin. I really couldn't argue. One of my third year residents came up to me the day before the surgery and asked if we could speak in my office. His Dad is an anesthesiologist. He handed me a bottle of 120 Dilaudid 3mg tablets. My info was correct and perfect and his Dad;s name appeared as the prescriber. "I told my Dad that getting you pain meds is going to be 102 on the RN"s list of things to do and getting you your ABs will be 101. He handed me another bottle of a fairly powerful antibiotic." I took the 5-10mfg of foxy as prescribed, but it really did;nt touch this pain I;m glad I didn't have to have that nursing staff meet "The Bad Dr. Joey" because of this.

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I took 2, 2mg dulaidid with 3, 15mg hydrocodone trying to control surgery pain. Instead of one then the other alternately because I couldn't stand the pain. I think that's okay, but how often, every 4 hours or 6 hours?

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I am sure he means taking two 10 mg percs when he stated 20 mgs

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Im sorry..hope u figured out an answer to your question.

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Everyones different..only your doctor can answer that based on your health..i wouldnt do it without a consult with your doctor.

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Generic Oxycodone comes in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 mg pills.

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there is a 20 milligram oxycodone it is grayish in color

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Yes they do have 20 mg pure oxy I've had em just Google k22 pill

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I take both together all the time. It's okay. Yes indeed. Mighty fine. Fine.

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I have 4 MG of Dilaudid & 10/325 of oxyCodone/ASAP. Neither one alone is kicking the pain. I've never taken together.
I've done 8mg of Dilaudid at one time with not much pain relief & I've done 3 10/325 of the oxyCodone/APAP at another time with even less pain relief. Can they be taken together in smaller strengths or is one brand stronger than another?
I had a multilevel spinal fusion and other spinal repair work done.

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I love taking 8 mg of Dilly and 30 mg of Perkies. The works great for me guys. Yes haw!

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It's not percocet they are called oxy ir it's just oxycodone no tylenol ..percocet generics and brand name only go up to 10mg it's a combo drug anything above 10 no.longer has tylenol which then makes it a completely different drug just the same class of drug

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Is "5-htp" (5-hydroxytryptophan)considered to be in this "nootropic" category you speak of ? Just wondering because I am interested and would like to know others if it won't have the effect of keeping my tolerance lower on hydromorphone and or oxycodone which I switch between by-monthly,usually.
I am waiting on a back surgery for two bulged discs and an impinged nerve so it's a temporary bandaid to bridge the gap aka the waiting period ...


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On hydromorph for my back 4 bulging discs, 2 torn discs and pinched nerve. Take 1 6 mg tablet twice daily. Want to know if I can take a Percocet with hydromorph? Thanks.

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