Increased Cost Of Fioricet?


Has anyone else noticed a drastically increased cost of generic Fioricet in the last month or so? My last rx on 4/1 was 88.00 and my new rx today was 246.00!!!! Anyone know what's going on?

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i am overwhelmed because I need fioricet but cannot afford to buy it as the price has skyrocketed. my head is pounding but i'm not wanting to use the few tablets i have left due to this issue. single mom of 3 so not wealthy ... especially after just paying rent pmt and car pmt

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Have either of you considered looking into a prescription drug savings card?

It sounds like that may be your best bet for taking the edge off that price increase. Some coupons, like the one offered here, allow you to save up to 15 - 75% off your prescription.

More details can be found in the link below if you're interested:
Rx Savings Card

I hope this helps!

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You just described me. Did you find any answers? I would love to correspond with you because I completely understand the situation you are in ... it's so frustrating.

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I am very upset about this as well and I can't seem to get a straight answer from the pharmacy. They initially said it was a new brand of generic... Wrong! It's the same Qualitest brand I've taken for years. Then they said the distributor is just charging more for them. They said they were paying six cents a pill and now they are paying 60 cents a pill.

Of course this is is an eye opener in a couple different ways.

A. They've been charging me $ 120.00 FOR 120 pills. At .06 a pill that means they are making a 1600 percent profit off me every month. This is really the most infuriating part.

B. They are now charging $220 for $100 pills. At .60 a pill they are only making a 300% profit. That's still insane but not as much as example A.

Pharmcy prices aside, why is the manufacturer/distributor suddenly increasing their price to the 10th power?

I'm guessing it has to do with the DEA's meddling with the drug's formulation. I don't know why that brain-trust over there can't just leave well enough alone. Is decreasing the amount of Tylenol by 25mg per pill really going to save my liver? I doubt it.

With that said the manufacturers are most likely trying to recoup the cost of "retooling" their machines, and any other losses incurred.

Why is this not illegal? People need their medicine. Big Pharma is starting to act like the corner drug dealer.

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You prob already know that the formula is changing (from 325mg tylenol down to 300). That formulation is HOLY CRAP expensive, but apparently the old formula is still available. Until last week it was the same price as I had paid before with my AAA disc (see following), but my guess is it must be in high demand so they jacked up the price. Not just a little, it DOUBLED. My insurance doesn't cover ANY narcotics but I get a super discount (relatively speaking) with my AAA card. The AAA membership costs me $48/yr, and it pays for itself first fill! Be careful - some pharmacies don't allow "narcotics" on the discount program. CVS is where I usually buy it. COSTCO is cheap and you don't need a membership to use the pharmacy FYI (no AAA discount, not even needed!). My MD suggested I contact the Brand name mfg & see if they can help. I get Treximet (imitrex+naproxen) thru PAP for free, which is my "go to" first for migraines. (Plus if your car breaks down and you have AAA - bonus!)

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OUCH! I get mine at CVS, I use my AAA card, which gives a discount from the pharmacy's retail price. I am in SoCalif, I pay $48/yr for AAA and at that price it paid for itself with ONE fill. Get an estimate b4 you fill it though, as some pharm's don't give a discount on narcotics.Target is one. Check the AAA website to ck which pharmacies/chains are on program. Also check COSTCO - no membship reqd for using the pharm. Good luck . BTW u aren't the only one who has to pay rent etc. - I hope someone is helped by this info!

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I actually am able to get them much cheaper at my local supermarket (Kroger), believe it or not.

I'm now paying $48 for $120 pills. I don't know why they are so much cheaper, I think maybe they just aren't quitecso greedy as the chain pharmacies.

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Mine went up and they explained due to a contractual agreement

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I have similar problem. My medicare stopped paying for mine. I only get 20 caps per month. Went from $17 to $60. I just now called my pharmacist and he said ask for tablets, same count for $24, so I will try that and see what happens. I had to quit a few meds because of price. How do pharmaceuticals expect people to live? Some folks can barely eat let alone pay for meds. This country needs to take care of our own people. We cant get meds we need at a decent cost. I'm really pissed and disgusted with med prices. Thanks

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I had my doctor switch my script from capsules to tablets. Plus, instead of 20 caps per month I received 30 tablets. Capsules were $60 and tablets were $17. So far insurance pays for this change. Hopefully this will stay the same. Thanks

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I am in the same boat I just paid $32 for 10 pills I could not afford anymore than that. I have taken this medication for 30 years. I have severe migraines and have tried other medications nothing else helps. They wonder why illicit drugs are becoming more popular. With restrictions on pain meds and increased costs people (including me) are resorting to alternative forms of pain relief. I did try alcohol but it gave me a migraine!!!

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Fioricet (butalbatal) became a controlled substance as of 8-15-15 so you can no longer use a prescription discount card. I learned that the hard way when I went to fill my prescription last week!

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Yeap. You all got it right. Right now. Been on generic fioricet since it became available. However, about 1 year ago I noticed that they were a different color. In fact, they were the same color as the brand name before the generic came out. Changed insurance 1st of year and wouldn't you know it, the stadol n.s. and the fioricet both required preauthorization from pharmacy dept of ins. Co. Try getting the provider at a busy pain clinic to do that (have been seeing every 3 months for 6 years). I submitted everything to her. I did everything but write it. The cost is outrageous. I get 80 pills at a time, they look exactly like the brand name. The ins co. refuses to pay. The stadol inh. same thing, they will only pay on it. I end up paying $177 twice a month, the insurance company picks it up twice a month. However, I do stay out of the ER's. The other thing.I noticed is that the prices vary wildly between pharmacies. I could get 1 bottle for 26.90 at Costco and Safeway in Washington, California and Oregon. Walgreens price was 89.00, target 109. Then one day costco's price jumped to 90. I thought, why can't they have price wars going downwards. Best is looking into mail order, even if you have to pay for it it might be cheaper. Also, look on the FDA site for drugs they have a shortage of/or say they do.

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I just got my prescription filled today at CVS for $17 for 30 blue tablets. I had to switch from capsules to tablets per my pharmacists suggestion. Before I was only allowed 20 capsules per month. I am on Medicare, don't know if that makes a difference. Also the acetaminophen was lowered to 325mg. My bottle says: butalbital-acetaminophen-caffeine 50-325-40. Mfg West Ward Inc. Mine come from my pain doc, but my PCP wants me to stop taking them due to being labeled a narc now and go to Excederine Migraine. Hell no, generic fioricet works great and ok price. I live in Ohio. Street drugs are cheaper than prescribed meds. And that is a horrible thing to say but true. Keep on trying people, but it seems like a lost cause.

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Fioricet is not listed as a narcotic. However, if you are taking Fioricet with codine that may very well be listed as a narcotic. Fioricet itself is a barbiturate.

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Actually it's only an exception to the control substance law when combined with at least 325mg of Tylenol. So this new formulation that has only 300mg Tylenol is absolutely a control substance. But my pharmacy still carries the old formula with 325mg Tylenol but my price continues to increase now it's over 1.00 per pill as my Medicare doesn't cover it and pharmacies in my area refuse to even try these discount cards it's horrible. I've tried several pharmacies but maybe I should call around or go back to cvs if this other person got a better deal never seen blue tablets tho mine are always white. I do know capsules are way more expensive my pharmacy made an error not long ago filling capsules and it was almost 300.00

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I am in same situation, have had tension migraines for 30 plus years,fioricet. Is only thing that works. Dr's constantly think antidepressants will help. ...resorted to online

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Greetings! Sorry to hear of this delimia. I've been on this med for 30 yrs only thing that has allowed some simalance of a life. I am disabled now so have descent coverage but prior to that I would hate to know the cost over the years. Two suggestions, first go to Walgreens, they have their own savings have to ask them to apply it but will get the cost down to $75 or so for 90 pills. The other one is Walmart, not near as good but hope this helps..... Jobe

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antidepressants don't help, trust me

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Been paying $11.94 for 100 tablets at Walmart; last refill May 2016. I checked today as I have a new prescription and the price was $64.00 for 100 tablets. CVS has a price of 100 tablets for $46.32 when you use an RX coupon. Hope this helps

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It seems since they lowered the Tylenol from 325mg to 300mg, the price has gone way up which is just plain wrong. Some places still have it with the 325mg. I would contact your doctor & request to have the script changed to the 325mg dosage of Tylenol.

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I was given amitriptyline with my generic fiorcet. The "anti depressent" helps the fiorcet work better. It has been explained several times. 20-30 MG amitriptyline. I, too need this for my almost daily headaches. The cost now is way over what it should be.Mimi

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I have tried using the RX SAVINGS card before, and funny thing is, they do not work if you have medicare! It makes no sense to me, that because I am actually on disability- cannot work- I am penalized by not allowing me to use any savings cards. And WTH the price of this very old generic drug has skyrocketed in this last year. I don't know what to do either. I have used fioricet since I was 22 years old. I am 62 and need help.

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23 is awful.
I have severe migraines all my life...and fibrimyalgia..I can not take anything but the fioricet....and try not to take much...
I can't afford it. Already on the generic

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First get an Rx Savings Card as it will cut your cost in half. They keep adding drugs to lists of Abused drugs. I have had awful debilitating migraines since the age of 12. I have been put on dangerous drugs that have damaged my body because the drs don't want to prescribe the drug that keeps me functional. Fioricet. Medicare stopped paying. I'm on a fixed income. Now I'm on topamax which is killing me but medicare pays for that go figure.

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Greetings, my doctor of over 12 yrs has now concluded that opioids and especially fioricet are bad and is cutting anyone on them down to nothing. I live in cincy area, would you mind sharing your pain doc I can get by with 30 a month. No abuse or rebound.


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