Inactive Ingredients Of Qualitest Or Leading Pharma Lorazepam


What are the inactive ingredients of Qualitest lorazepam or Leading Pharma lorazepam? Does anybody know?

It seems that its formula might have been changed because I feel 1mg is less effect than before or does not work. I used to take Ativan 1mg before abroad and one month from Kaiser in the U.S. but they gave me refill as generic lorazepam (Qualitest). I felt 50-60% effectiveness compared to Ativan(brand lorazepam). I can't take Watson lorazepam as it does not work for me causing side effects (rapid heart beats, sweating, anxiety, dehydration). Qualitest has less side effect (less dehydrated than Ativan) I did not have physical dependence on Ativan for long time and quit too. But this generic lorazepam is getting less effective over a few months.

Also my pharmacy had changed Qualitest to Leading Pharma without notice so I had to get new transcript for new pharmacy for qualitest (I transferred once).

I did not take it for mental problem (anxiety or panic attach) but for side effect of levothyroxine (I should take it as I got my thyroid gland removed). Ativan has calming effect and reduces heart beats, sweating, and stiffness and helps sleeping a little as I suffer from some pains. It does not fix my problem but reduces temporarily. Zanax does not work. Cymbalta does not work. All depression medicine does not work. With Cymbalta, I became unconscious and was hospitalized. I almost died taking Prozac due to side effects and worsened my symptoms. Ativan only helps a little.

I called most pharmacies in LA but many of them sell Leading Pharma lorazepam and some sell Watson. Most pharmacies do not receive return once it is opened (only one pill is taken) while Rite Aid does and during the period of medication, patients can't buy another lorazepam even with new prescription so if the medicine cause side effects or does not work, customer have to wait until refill period comes.

I found only one pharmacy selling Qualitest lorazepam but most others sell Leading Pharma, I don't know why but maybe because of their marketing. So I may change to Leading Pharma but am worried that it does not work like Watson.

I wonder if anybody tried Leading lorazepam and if it works, though effects are different according to each individual. Ativan in the U.S. is very expensive ($2600 for 1mg 30 tablet) and most doctors do not prescribe it and insurance is mostly not covered or do not want to pay for it. That's why Kaiser gave me brand Ativan only once and changed it to generic.

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I was just given Leading brand and it doesn't work at all. I was on Qualitest for years without problems then CVS switched to Sandoz or Activis (same), and they couldn't order from Qualitest so I switched pharmacies. This Leading pill has a sweet taste and doesn't work at all. I heard they can remove 20% of the main ingredient. I've been on this medication for 10 years, this is awful..

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According to Dailymed (NIH), the inactive ingredients in Qualitest's Lorazepam (NDC 0603-4246) are as follows (and remain consistent across all of their available dosage forms): [1]

- Lactose monohydrate
- Magnesium stearate
- Cellulose, microcrystalline
- Sodium starch glycolate type a potato

They also list the inactive ingredients in Leading Pharma's Lorazepam (NDC 69315-904) as follows (and they too remain consistent across all of their available dosage forms): [2]

- Lactose
- Magnesium stearate
- Cellulose, microcrystalline
- Polacrilin potassium

Hopefully this helps pinpoint the inherent differences between these two manufacturers. Personally, I've never even heard of "Polacrilin potassium", but my research says that it's used in pharmaceutical formulations as a tablet disintegrant.
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Leading pharmaceuticals for lorazepam. I also had similar problems and found a local pharmacy who will order Qualitest for me. Rite-Aid, CVS, Kroger or Meijer will not order Watson or Qualitest. I found out Leading, Activis or Sandoz have cut the main ingredient by 20% to save money and this is why it doesn't work any longer.

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I have taken Qualitest Clonazepam (generic Klonopin) for many years to reduce muscle spasms from C-spine damage. Last month my pharmacy (Meijer) told me that Qualitest no longer makes Clonazepam. I have tried North Star generic..(which left me with a splitting headache & neck bad that my right arm became numb)... I also tried mylan....same disaster... Does anyone know if Qualitest/Par pharmaceuticals has really stopped making Clonazepam? I got an RX from my doctor for brand Klonopin, but my insurance is denying me coverage for it & I don't have $410 to just buy it myself. Any info on the Qualitest availability would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Yes, Qualitest is no longer being made. The company was bought out by Par Pharmaceuticals who is owned by Endo Pharmaceuticals. I personally called Par and when they ran out of the supply of Qualitest Clonazepam from the the buyout they have decided not to put it in their line of products. They are only going to carry their own which are the dissolvable tablets which you put under your tongue but they have been out of stock and may be back in stock Mid August. I was using Qualitiest 0.5 mg take 2 at bedtime for atypical trigeminal neuralgia and they were wonderful and took most of the pain and tingling away and I could speak normal and mostly feel normal. I have a problem with transitioning from one brand to another regardless so I went to Sandoz 2 mg take 1/2 tablet at night (1 mg a night). The pharmacy cut them and they were all cut uneven and I have been miserable. Was on Sandoz 1 mg (light blue) before the Qualitest and it did not take away the tooth pain as well as Qualitest. But unfortunately Par has no plans whatsoever to put the Qualitest pill back on the market. Usually after a switchover from brand your body will get used to the new brand generic. I only have a problem with switching over on the Clonazepam.

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I just sent back leading pharma lorazepam to be tested, as it was not effective. I noticed adverse reactions within a week of taking it. Usually I take Watson or Sandoz with no problems.

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Re: Abbey (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Found this since im googling about the qualitest and my pharmacy just told me they aren't making them anymore. They gave me TEVA and I felt awful! Depressed yet wide awake. I take 2 mg a day (sometimes 1.5) just to feel like myself and get rid of the anxiety. I'm really paranoid about finding something that's going to make me feel right. I only have a few of the qualitest left and very nervous of going through withdrawal. I refuse to take the TEVA again though! It was absolutely awful. Anyone have any advice on a brand that is like this one?

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Re: Deedee (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks. My local pharmacy recently changed from Qualitest to Actavis (Watson). So I have to transfer. Most pharmacies here sell leading or Actavis. Could you let me know what pharmacy you use for Qualitest? I would appreciate the pharmacy info (pharmacy name, phone #, address). I am suffering from side effects of Levothyroxine so I take Ativan (lorazepam) for anxiety to reduce side effects of levo. No other medicine like Xanax, clonazepam works other than Ativan. So desperate. I don't know why pharmacies change the manufacturer very often and does not let customers know. And most pharmacies do not allow returns (other than big pharmacies like rite aid) and one transfer for lorazepam is possible. The stupid thing is once I receive my refill I should wait until the next refill even. In the case I have side effects from Lorazepam or it does not work at all? So I have to change the medicine or prescription. I called almost all pharmacies in my area (LA) and I can't find any to deal with Qualitest. Maybe Kaiser sells it but only Kaiser members (with their insurance) can use Kaiser pharmacy.

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Re: winjy (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

It's about price. I had a problem with Leading and can only use Watson or Sandos for Ativan.

CVS uses Leading. Didn't even notice but I started having reaction to the meds. They don't work for me. I think they are less potent and I start having withdrawal symptoms.

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Re: Abbey (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Did your doctor put on your script that the med brand is medically necessary? If not that may help.

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I know exactly what you’re going through. Qualitest did work fine until the last few months when my pharmacy told me as of last July, they no longer make this so I did my research and found these cheaper companies are allowed to cut the main ingredient by 20% to save costs. You have to do your research and find companies at the top of the chain of manufacturing and try one at a time until you get one that works. Mylan has worked much better for me. But, the big chain pharmacies won’t order for you. You need a smaller family owned pharmacy that will cater to your needs. Good luck!

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I can't take Leading Pharma lorazepam it is not as effective. Ended up in ER.
Watson or Sandos works best for me.

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I was on mylan brand of lorazepam for the longest time. It worked so well. They are no longer making it and I have been given leading Brand. My doctor wants me on strictly Ativan brand and he will fight for me but it’s going to take awhile. From the leading Brand I feel horrible. Headaches, diarrhea, nerve pain and the list goes on. It tastes like a sugar pill. I’m literally in bed with this garbage. I don’t understand why you get good generics and then they are gone. Teva worked well for me, ranbaxy worked well and mylan. I use to take Watson and had jaw pain continuously. I had been given Actavis recently and my hands were sweating and I felt anxious within an hour. I truly wish I did not have to be on these meds but it’s been so many years I do not have a lot of choices. Someone needs to speak up for us! We need good quality generic drugs. I do not care what anyone says, the inactive ingredient and active ingredient are not the same with every manufactured drug.

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My pharmacy recently filled my last prescription with Leading pharmaceutical lorazepam (ironically I discovered Leading is located about 1000ft from my home). I’ve been taking lorazepam 2mg 3 x day for over 35 years .most of the time brand name Ativan while under insurance....but last 7 years have been Watson. Watson worked fine for me but I’ve noticed in the last 2 years or so not only have I been a bit more anxious and irritable but began to be depressed which I never had before. I cannot help but wonder if my Watson brand got changed. Anyway...what concerns me most is all the negativity discussed here regarding Leading. I realize everyone is different but has ANYONE had a good experience with Leading? My pharmacist has gotten Mylan in stock for me but that’s fine for the next prescription if I choose to switch..for now i’m Kind of stuck with the Leading product. So....anything positive to say about Leading? You know how much belief in a product means when it comes to benzodiazepines. Thanking you in advance.

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Richard (# 13) --

I had to stop Ativan from Leading. I starting having panic attacks. Talked to them in New Jersey and sent back my prescription to be tested. They said nothing wrong. BUT was told by my Doc that these drugs can be as much as 15% difference. So I had started going into withdrawal. Watson and Sandos work fine for me. West Coast. There is a reason why Leading Pharma doesn't charge as much as Watson or Sandos!

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Judi (# 14) --

Actually Leading (listed as ‘Major Pharma” on the bottle but mfg: Leading on the insert) literally <1000 feet from my house. I contacted them several times but they just give me generic answers like “our product is approved by the FDA”. I get 3 months supply at a time....if Leading is worthless i’m In trouble...i’ve Been taking 2mg 3x day for over 30 years....

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Judi (# 14) --

At Costco...Leading costs more than I must be Pharmacist can get me Mylan but I have to wait 3 months!

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Re: Judy (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Interesting. I was using mail order who used Leading. Switched to CVS and didn't pay attention to the Mfg. until I had an adverse reaction. Back to using Walgreens or Walmart who uses Sandoz or Watson.

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Re: Richard (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

That's interesting. I went back and read older posts. Some say it can be 20% off. Not a good thing when it puts you into withdrawal.
Recently tried to taper down. Not a good ecperience.

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Re: Judi (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

So should I presume that NO ONE has had good results using Leading?

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Re: Richard (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

No good results is putting it mildly. I immediately became sick from it. It's as if l am going through withdrawal symptoms without the benefit. My pharmacy switched me from Teva to Leading without telling me. A few days into it, l looked at the pill bottle to see if they gave me the wrong prescription. That's when l saw the manufacturer was Leading. They refused to exchange it and my doctor said l would have to wait until my next refill. Now all the pharmacies are only selling Leading in my area. It's cheaper for them to purchase. It's all about profit for them.

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Leading is pure garbage. My pharmacist let it slip that they order only Leading now because it's cheaper for them to order but still price it the same without passing on the savings to their customers. I now continually feel. I noticed the difference immediately without realizing l had been switched to Leading. I called all the pharmacies around me. They all jumped on the Leading wagon. I'm betting they are receiving kickbacks. I am starting the process of weaning off of Lorazepam. The side effects from these manipulated generics will kill you.

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Re: Judy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

What did you find out from the testing?

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I called the company. (Qualitest) and they said they stopped making them. So, have Mylan too (wrote them a letter) So, have been stuck with the lousy Leading Pharma. Liked them for a year or so, but now...NO.

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Re: Omar (# 109) Expand Referenced Message

sorry Omar, today fda approved means nothing, its almost impossible to go after big pharma and thats no accident, big pharma dumps millions on millions into our elections and its not because they like us, there are some people like yourself that can take anything on the market with out any problem but your not speaking for me or the hundreds who take the time to write in their issues on a regular basis, if you think fda approved means anything, ask yourself when a product is approved by the fda, guess who approved it in the first place

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I get subutex, adderall, and xanax. I’ve tried every manufacturer and I never care cause they all work on me the exact same. It’s FDA approved.

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Re: joe (# 105) Expand Referenced Message

Teva bought Actavis from Sandoz in July of 2017.........who really knows who watered things down.....what i find amusing is that they Sandoz and Teva still use the old Watson molds when they make it still says "Watson on it....

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Re: Richard (# 104) Expand Referenced Message

Oh oh...there are TWO "Richard"s here now...I'll switch to Richard H.....

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Re: Judy (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

can you tell how you had the medication tested, i have been looking for a labratory to do just that

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Don't know if you're aware of this, but your local pharmacy could care less what works for you or any other person. I have been told time after time they buy the CHEAPEST medication, period. When i was living in Hawaii, I had used Actavis with no issues, and you could get it anywhere. The low lifes at sandoz bought the actavis brand and IMMEDIATELY watered it down to a sugar pill. Thanks to a few, we were able to expose this company for who they really were, and after changing the formula a few times and failing, i am happy to say that sandoz is no longer in the Lorazepam business. All i can say is trying what's out there till you find the one that works for you.

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