Itching In The Leg & Back


I HAVE CHRONIC ITCHING SYMPTOMS AND MY DOCTOR HAS PRISCRIBED TECZINE 5 mg (levocetirizine) which I am having from past one years
however, as advised by doctor only when I get serious

I experience various side efects whenever I have TECZINE which include sleepiness wholeday, fatigue, constant visit to toilet, faded vision etc.,

could you guide me if I will have other internal side effect like kidney, liver etc., I am a type 2 diabietic.

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Levocetirizine is an antihistamine used to treat allergy symptoms.

The side effects that you are experiencing are normal, when using this medication.

It is processed through your organs, but is only contraindicated in people that already have sever organ damage and require dialysis, because their body is unable to process out the medication.


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Im Using teczine for past 50 days , due to skin allegeries , dermatologist has adviced me to go for it , with nizonide ( 6 tablets) and banty plus ( 2 tables once in 10 days), i stopped taking this tablets from past 3 days. right now allergy ( itching has increased in much ratio) please let me know how to over come my allergy

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Hi Doctor, I have been experiencing sever itching all over the body since past 8 years. When I initially went to a dermatologist, he prescribed Teczine tablet to be taken. After I started the medication, it still persists. For instance, after taking the tablet, the itching goes away in about 2 hours or so, but then after 2 days, again I experience the sever itching and have to take the tablet again. Its been going on since so many years. I take the Teczine tablet after a gap of 2 days since its effect is only for 2 days. Can this be treated completely? Iam very worried. Please help.

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