I Took 120mg Methadone 32 Hours Ago How Much Longer Till I Should Take Suboxone?


I am havin stomach cramps, runny nose, cold sweats/chills but no diarrhea yet. My refill date is in three days for my methadone and I'm also worried about how the affect will be and long I need to wait before I can take my methadone again...? I only want to take the subs to get by this 3-4 day withdrawal. Honest and accurate opinions, please! I've been on Mdone for 10 years at 120mg a day.

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I've been browsing through some of the related threads here and I'm seeing the vast majority of patients who've gone from Methadone to Suboxone predominately state that you should wait at least 48 hours after your last dose of Methadone before having Suboxone. (i.e. waiting until you're in a state of withdrawal; otherwise the Suboxone won't work).

Concerning your other question about going back from Suboxone to Methadone, it seems to me that you'd have to undergo a similar process as you previously did when going from Methadone to Suboxone. nhtsa.gov states that the half life of Methadone is anywhere from 15-60 hours... so waiting out its half life period two to three times over may be appropriate (in my opinion) for getting it out of your body before using Suboxone. One thing to note though is that these figures are only intended to be an estimate, and you should probably discuss this with your doctor in more detail first since everyone's metabolism is different.

Would anyone else with personal experience agree?

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You don't have to wait long at all I'm on subs 8 mg and when I want to do something different I just cut back my dose for a couple days until I'm down to 1/4 a strip then 8 hours later pop the pills I want. When the effects wear off, and I'm starting to dt I jump back on my subs 1/4 strip at first 4 hr increments

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I feel for u buddy I've been a junkie for 15 years and I'm only 25

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You're a liar 10 years a junkie!! So u was a junkie at 9 and 10 years old you probably been on drugs 5 or 6 years maybe if that u need to get honest with yourself and stop lying all the time!!!

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Ok, let me tell u MY experience that I had about 6 months ago. I am currently on the death trap of methadone. I went up to 160 mgs a day and now I am down to 50. Unfortunately everytime I go further down I get really sick. So, one day I waiting 56 hrs after my last dose of methadone and (by myself) switched to Suboxone. I will tell you that I is the worst feeling you can EVER HAVE. It's like being in a severe car accident with ur bones being crushed, the worst case of flu known to man, and the worst stomach virus known to the world. That's what it felt like. 48 hrs isn't nearly safe enough. Like i said, from my experience. Especially with u being so far up on mgs. U should be around 05-30 mgs a day before TRYING to switch. 120 isn't going to work. That can send u into EXTREME early detox and could (from what I have heard) give u a stroke or heart attack. You are going to have to try and get your self down. Or, you can go back to pain killers after about 48 hrs and use those for about a week. It will make the withdrawal from methadone minimum. Although, it takes 2 weeks to get through detox for methadone. And more than a month to get back to normal. Pain killers will work. But, u MUST remember to NOT take it like u use to and get away from it asap. The pain killers will helpbu eat and sleep. It will NOT give u a buzz until All methadone is out ur system. When it gives u a buzz, get away from it. It's mind over matter. A means to an end. U are going to have to be strong. Find ur strength. Whether its family support, friends, or girlfriend. If know one knows, tell them. Let them read what methadone is. They will never fully understand unless they have been in ur position. Help them get a little educated on it. That's what I had to do. It's not easy. Especially telling family. But now they have even made sure I had a way to get to the clinic to get off.

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If you take 2 MG's now ur stomach will stop hurting, you'll have hot flashes but introduce ur body slowly to suboxones. You will be back to work by the 2nd day. Take 4 MG's. 3rd day take 8, then reduce to half pill a day. Methadone is worse than other opiates. You can take a quarter sub with your opiates. You won't feel sick or feel opiates as strong but do that for 3 days then stop opiates and subs will take over. You can do this on days off work, then take sub's only. You won't miss work, screw what drs say. They don't know. I've helped alot of people with my method. You can't take sub's if you're only on opiates, but u can take sub (small amount) first with opiates and u won't feel sick or full effect of opiates, but u want off opiates right.

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Honestly i have seen people who take much more and they still take suboxone at the same time allot of people say you have to be full blown miserable before you can take it but I've taken it after 8 hours of no narcotics and feel fine in my personal experience i have not had to wait 48 hours i would just take the suboxone when you start feeling withdrawals at all but thats my personal feeling ultimately its up to you hope it helps

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Yeah Skittlez (Post #3) is a damn lair, I don't even know you and I can tell that you just love to lie. Plus I am really baked and I know things. It really grinds my gears that 10 year olds are running around with holes in their arms just getting wrecked and that same ass 15 years later telling the real world that he survived since 10 years old, just drilling holes in his little baby arms. Such nonsense.

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Skittles,,,, calm down my man... Im sure old boy bent the truth a bit but in his mind & most others who have dealt with addiction for many years it prob does seem to have been that long ago. Maybe the last sober experience he can recall was back when he was 10. He gets no cool points for making it seem hes been fd up since elementary school truth or not,atleast not in my eyes. Last thing any one struggling with addiction needs on these threads is to be bashed. I know a couple of kids who started dabbing in to the harder stuff around 10 to 12 yo & 1 rip before hitting his twenties and the other is in a Ga prison serving remainder of 20 yr sentence. Just saying we all need to show empathy even when its very hard to do so.

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Sorry Skittles was meant for Spit The Truth... My bad, Did iii do thaat??? Fyi Erkel to clarify

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I was on methadone for years. Its never going to be easy to get off. 120mg is a lot by any standards. In my opinion, if you want to come off then you don't go from 120mg to nothing! That's a nasty withdrawal. If I was in your in your shoes I would go to my doc and tell him/her. I'm pretty sure they won't leave you on that condition. They may give you a few dihydrocodeine or codeine to get you through. Take it slow...honestly you don't have to do it all in one go. As I said I would go to the doc for help. I wish you all the best. You can achieve your goal without severe withdrawal. Good luck. Maybe update us on your progress.

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