I Need A Prescription Of Oxycodone Hydrochloride 30 Mg


I hurt myself really bad both as a kid and young man. My body is shot. As a kid on a 100cc dirt bike on the street coming down steep hill I lost breaks or panicked, anyhow couldn't stop ran out of road. Just me and about a 14" high curb stop. (new development). I hit that curb full throttle. My guess around 50 mph. No helmet. I landed in a brushy patch with rocks. Was unconscious for about 25 min. No MRI, back then I got X-rays, aspirin and was sent on my way. Because that happened. I got constant migraine headaches. My neck always and I mean always hurts. My vision gets fuzzy at times. My shoulder and blades are always in and out of position. Hips, knees, I can go on and on tons of pins and needles in all my extremities. Sometimes burning sensations too. I was 8 or 9. At 12 playing chicken on the monkey bars, I got pulled down landed on concrete and shattered my right elbow. I think it was 14 fractures. At 17 I got in a head on car accident. Broken collar bone and a chipped vertebra. Oh broken nose and facial fractures as well. I did not attend college but learned a good trade which has been progressively breaking my body down. I'm 43 years old. My hips and knees are shot. All my toes have been broke. And every bone in my entire body hurts badly. I recently hurt myself at work lifting 16' long 15" wide by 8/8 rough lumber. I went to this old Doctor almost retired and I explained to him I was on borrowed time. At that point I couldn't even move my neck or lift my arm. He treated me like I was a junkie just trying to score drugs... Not the case at all. So this guy I have no idea why orders a cat scan with no contrast. After he evaluated me and got my history it took him 3 weeks to respond and he said the diagnostics were negative and I was faking. Every morning I wake up I eat 8 over the counter ibuprofen. And 1 200mg Celebrex for severe arthritis. I also eat the same at night. I'm no junkie. I'm just a hard working blue collar American trying to go to work every day. It's been getting really hard for me. Enter my friend who isn't half as bad as me. On disability he gets 120 of them 30mg oxycodone every month. I'm afraid to get rejected again but I'm literally messed up on my last leg. Can someone help???

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There is no way you will be able to walk in anywhere and get 30mg oxycodone. Sorry but that's the truth. I would find a new doctor and start there but do not ask for 30s no wonder they thought you were a junkie. Have the new doctor do a MRI and start there, they are likely to start you out small trust me I've been on them 10 years and have not even worked my way that far up the ladder. Once you have solid proof your in pain you can then get a referral to a pain clinic. Again you will not get 30s more like 5s if your lucky. The only reason he has 30s is because after taking them a long time you build a tolerance to the medicine. You want this to go as slow as possible.

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Hey there I was in the same situation I live in Florida and here by law you have to get a MRI done every 2 years and they will give you a CD of the results. They won't even write a prescription out until you get a MRI also if you have a computer Google pain management depending call them and see if they take walk in's normally when you Google doctor office's they normally have reviews Read them to see how they treat their patients. Now by law they go by on how much you weigh because if you do get prescribed a high mg pharmacy's won't fill them unless you go to a ma and pa pharmacy, Pain doctors are normally more understanding than your primary doctor because they specialize in monitoring your Pain now if you feel comfortable with the doctor let him/her know because from what I see your friend may have let you try one forgive me if I'm wrong let the doctor know that you have a friend who you told that you was in pain let you have one of his/hers and that it was very affective and let the doctor know what you're level of Pain was before and after the medication let the doctor know you ain't trying to get nobody in trouble I know first hand that it works because I was having really bad anxiety and I allowed my therapist know that a friend of mine let me try her 2mgs xanax and it worked for me know she upped my dose of xanax from taking 3mg a day to 6mgs a day just be honest

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