I Am In Severe Pain And Have Been On 80 Mg Of Methadohe For Over 6 Years And My Dr Says I Am Not Amunne Nor Have I Built Up A Tollerance


I need help finding another dr in my area as i said before my dr has had me on the same dose of methadone for over 6 years and it is not helping with the back pain I have been through two surgerys and recently had a stimulator put in my back for leg pain I am on ssdi and have limited income and the stimulator cost me over4000 out of my pocket wich helped with the leg pain bu no releif for my back.
I am afraid to change dr because i may get cut off of what little help I am getting any help I can get I would apreciate. my area is springfield ohio 45504

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How long have you had the stimulator?

If it hasn't been too long, it may not have had a chance to fully work, yet.

As to the dose not working anymore, it is perfectly normal for that to happen after you've been taking it for so long and your doctor should be aware of that.

However, the problem with switching doctors is going to be finding one that's willing to prescribe it, at all.


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Go to a methadone clinic. People will talk bad about you but they will raise the dose. Im on 160 mg for pain.

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I was on methadone for about ten years, 90mg a day I could tell it wasn't working as well for my many chronic pain issues. My doctor ended up changing me to a different long acting pain medication, he didn't give me a choice, he said patients were having to many problems with it. He put me on a different long acting pain medication. It works to control my pain, I know I will never be pain free but at least I can function, clean my apartment and do the little things in life that people who don't have chronic pain take for granted. I wish you well and I hope your doctor will work with you.

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I was on 120 mgs of Methadone for 12 yrs !!!! PDR(dr med book) says 60 Mgs. is the most one should take daily. I withdrew from it and OMG, worst withdrawal EVER. Not days, or months....3 years before I felt myself again. I was in my late 40s then. I lasted 8 mos on nothing. Then I hit a wall. Started slow on the small drugs, Lortab etc. Now, I'm 65 and take Methadone again,BUT 5 mgs. 3 X a day is all I need. The older you are, the less med. is needed, I promise. I have the 3rd under most painful bladder disease, need Neck SX c1-t1, and 6 other baddies. PLEASE KNOW THAT ANY METHADONE ON OR EVER TAKEN WILL MAKE YOU ALLERGIC TO TWILIGHT SLEEP. I went thru 1 procedure and a pacemaker/def. change under LOCAL !!! Was off Methadone 4 yrs., thought it would work,the twilight sleep, but NO it will never work again.BE AWARE OF THIS!

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