I Have Been Taking Sintrom For Several Years And Have To Control Test Every Month Am Going Goa 5 Months In November Will It Be Possi


I have been taking Sintrom for several years now and have to go for a control test every month. In November I am going to Goa for 5 months. Will I be able to get this control test there? If so, where do I go? I shall be staying in the Cavelossim / Mobor area of South Goa

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Hi jack,

Because I am based in the US, I am unaware of the availability of Sintrom control tests in other countries. However the best advice I can offer at this moment would be to contact your current doctor (or whom ever administers the control test for you now) and see if they can refer you to another location in or around where you'll be staying.

I can look up various hospitals and organizations in India and provide their contact details, but it will have little use if one is unfamiliar with their surrounding area. In my opinion, that is why a referral from your doctor may be the wisest & safest way to go about this.

Is anyone else familiar with this type of test and where it can be taken?

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Thanks for your advice.I did ask my doctor here in Spain and he advised me to contact the British Consulate in London.I wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London and they gave me details of a hospital in Margao,Goa and advised me to contact them.
I e-mailed them on [email protected] and asked their advice but as yet I have not had any reply.
There doesn't seem to be much more I can do at present - but when I get to Goa I will start asking advice from all available medical sources in the hope that someone will be able to help me.
Thanks again Jack

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I have taken 125mg 6 sided tablet cut into 3 pieces and I lose a bit of it because it is so brittle.It is still hard to swallow. Is it possible to obtain a round 40 mg tab to make it easier to swallow?

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My mother is taking Sintrom in Spain and now she is on vacations with us in the USA. The doctor in Spain has told us to have her tested and send them (to Spain) with the results, so they could adjust her medications. We have done two different tests but it seems the range the labs use in the USA are different from the one in Spain. Our results in here, based on a reference interval of 0.8-1.2, seems to be high (1.9).
The thing is that we need to have a lab result based on a rage of 2.0-3.0 and I don't seem to find one in here.
Another alternative will be to find a lab using the microINR.
Can someone help? - thank you

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Thanks Nina for your response.After a lot of searching around and questioning medical people in Goa last year I finally got a solution.Across the river Sal from Cavelossim is a relatively new private hospital called WUSSI LOCKHARDT.
I am now in their computer records and can go there without appointment and have a blood test.Originally the problem was that they only gave me the INR reading
(which in my case the Spanish doctors want to be between 2.00 and 3.00) and no mention of a daily dosage. I showed them a copy of the daily dosage sheet I get every month in Spain and eventually, after seeing another doctor there, she tells me what dosage to take.The hospital is fairly difficult to get to (except by taxi which becomes expensive with either waiting time or a second trip back in the afternoon to collect the results), and at first they refused to give me details over the phone and wouldn't e-mail them to me but they have since relented and now the results are sent to me by e-mail AND the other lady doctor actually rang my mobile number and told me just before we left Goa to increase my daily intake from 1.00 mg to 1.5 mg as my reading was low, and then visit my own doctor as soon as we returned to Spain. Sintrom tablets are readily available at the chemists in Cavelossim in both 1.00mg and 2.00 mg and are not expensive. I forget the actual cost but the charge for the blood test at the hospital was 230 rupees ( about £3).
Hope this info is helpful to somebody in the future

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Nina which insurance did u use to Get ur Mum checked up whilst in USA? I'm In a similar situation.

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Jack we go to Goa every year for between 4 and 6 months, you can get a test done in most hospitals but why don't you consider purchasing a test meter; my husband tests himself and we can work out ourselves what the dose should be although he just phones the hospital at home once a month to give his results and they tell him what dose he should be on. The meter cost about £300 but it was well worth it as we travel all the time.

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