How Many Days To Be Used Suprazole 200 For Stomach Infections


Hello Dr. how many days to be taken suprazole200mg for mucusy dysentrey?

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Hello my friend had suffer a stomach ache for more than 1month, she go to the doctor for check up and the doctor will give her a medicine like suprazole, Imodium, and aloxal but when she take this medicine the pain will radiate to her neck and she feel like Something tick to her neck, What does it means? And why she feel like this?

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I have diahreah all the time my dr put me on imodium but it still does not stop me from going to the restroom all the time and I have now called the restrom my office.It is embarrasing to use the restroom on yourself and have to throw those clothes away.I am so tired of this if I have a appountment with a dr or anyone I will not eat until I get back home.I.seem two gastro drs and they daid at the end of some part dowm in my stomsch and if they did surgery on me and nick domething down thete I would get pankatist.This is a terrible thing I got and do not know where to go.I am a prisoner of my home if you know anything Please Help me.Thank Yoy.

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