Help Finding A Pain Management Doctor In Wa State That Prescribes Meds


I need help with finding a pain management dr. that prescribes pain meds in the bellevue wa area or as close as possibe am willing to drive if necessary. Please it's almost impossible to find. I have been in pain since 2002 please any leeds greatly appreciated.

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i know this question is several months old, but i just came across it. are you still looking for a doc or info? i may be able to help.

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The best suggestion I can make for anyone in our area is to contact one of the major hospitals, such as Evergreen, Harborview or Swedish and ask to speak to someone in their social work department.

The people that work in them here are excellent and if there is such a pain management specialist in the area, they'll be able to help you find them.

Learn more pain management details here.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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I am also in the same situation as OP. You seem to think that you have the ability to help and that is very exciting to hear. If you know of a doctor who doesn't judge their patients I would love to hear from you. {edited for privacy}

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I am looking for a new compassionate doctor to perscribe my meds for chronic pain in seattle/tacoma area

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@Johnny b- Just moved to Seattle need a non judgemental doctor for pain any suggestions??

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I just moved here myself, have you found a good dr that you can suggest?

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I'm in spokane colville area willing to travel. I have hurniated discs among other things. Recently moved here from Florida and I need to find a doctor who can give me something comparable to what I was getting in Fla. please help. I'm willing to travel

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Can you help me please? I need a compassionate doctor in Washington. I'm willing to travel

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I only in us for short amt of time, so need interim help for knee pain, unti I have surgery

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I am unsure how this chat works.. But does anyone know of a doctor that'll help?

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Hi, I saw your offer to help someone, or give a suggestion. I live nearby and am under the same dilemma. I cannot find a pain management doctor to prescribe, even though I have documented MRI's, CT's, medical records. Have chronic pain condition that can never be cured. Please let me know if you know of any doctor in the area? Thank you very much.

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just moved to the area and need to find new dr's any suggestions for a pain management dr and regular PC dr with a background in dealing with RA patients

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Had a great physician who is moving out of state and need new physician that prescribes pain meds in western washington Monroe woodinville area.

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This is incredibly sad and tragic in that people who have painful conditions can not receive the needed care and must live daily with extreme pain. Whats worse is having had that pain cared for for 9 years and Dr. gets sick and leaves his practice and patients hanging. In our political climate..all Dr's are frightened of the government and refuse to write opiate pain meds. Such is my case. Am still in shock over losing a great doctor with no one to turn to. Whats even more frightening are those dr's who insist on steroids IV's risking patients to a series of life threatening stroke..death. infection.. increased pain..heart attack..paralysis (FDA has just issued warning to such events) I dread cold turkey and I dread life lived again with unbearable pain. I don't have it in me.

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I know this thread is years old but I really need a doctor that will prescribe methadone and Xanax could u please help

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i am looking 4 a doctor and will pay

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Offered to help find pain clinic. I am in need of my pain and anxiety meds. My rx is out and I am here on vacation. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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Dr. Brown in Des Moines wa is a great place.. im all tattoos and no judgement came mt way which is wierd

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I am posting this for the WA state area. There is the Seattle Pain Clinic that has offices in Seattle, Renton, Tacoma, and Olympia. They take medicare and medicaid.
That said..most pain clinics will no longer prescribe benzos. They expect that to be a decision for your primary health doctor. Periodically like any other state we have issues come up that affect pain patients. At this time it is methadone. It is not a drug that they want to prescribe. But this clinic is also pretty devoted to keeping you out of pain without forcing you to do things . Most of the time it all boils down to communication difficulities between your primary, the insurance co., and the clinic. It is so important to keep a copy for yourself of important parts of your medical files. If you start a new medication with a doctor just ask if you can have a copy of that day's conversation so you can keep it in your medication file. Just ask the nurse at the front desk to put it in your file when it is transcribed and you will get a copy of it at your next visit. Then when you move or loose a script or whatever you can provide instant copies to a new doctor. I try to be prepared for making sure a new script is actually approved by your insurance company before leaving the doctor's office with it. The medication authorization issue is so harsh now.Hope this helps someone out there.

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I am on methadone and habe been for about 10 yrs but i have major anxiety attacks and have also been prescribed xanax for about 8 yrs. this is not a combo drs like to prescribe cuz there r some people that have bad reactions but since ive been doing it so long i know its safe for me. My methadone clinic wont count my drug panels as clean becuz even tho i have a script i refuse to sign a release so they can say embarrassing info to my primary who i believe will end up cutting me off my xanax so i need a dr that will understand and listen to me so when i sign the release and it wont ruin my xanax prescription and have to look again. I just dont have time to keep paying different drs with no insurance and being treated like a drug addict thats just dr shopping. I am in NJ and am also willing to travel even 2-3 hrs so i can keep myself stable. Please help. I dont need the methadone prescribed though that would be easier than the clinic daily, i just need a dr that wont be worried to give me my xanax on top of the methadone prescription.

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There is a new pain management clinic in WA with locations in Renton, Tacoma, Olympia, and Spokane. It's Anesis Spine and Pain Care. Here's their number 206-538-6300. They take Medicare, Molina, United Health Care, Premera, Regence, Kaiser, Aetna, DSHS, and more.

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Re: Lazio1982 (# 130) Expand Referenced Message

I made the move and regret it. Unless I go to Canada I get no help here in WA state and I've traveled as far as 4hrs from my home. I now fly back to my home state to get my meds.

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I’m planning a move from West Palm Beach FL. Debating over Vancouver or Portland. I had a 40 ft fall to a marble floor (6/1/15) and have been on oxycodone IR and ER. The move is predicated on me getting my meds there. Please kmp and lmk if you find a good Dr. thanks and GL

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I’m planning a move from West Palm Beach FL. Debating over Vancouver or Portland. I had a 40 ft fall to a marble floor (6/1/15) and have been on oxycodone IR and ER. The move is predicated on me getting my meds there. Please kmp and lmk if you find a good Dr. thanks and GL

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Anesis in spokane will take you. They also take Medicare such as molina etc...

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Info please I'm in need of a pain dr asap in the Tacoma wa area . Dr is reporting my meds and I'm miserable than you

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& Mari (# 124) --

You might want to contact Washington Center for Pain Mgmt at 425-558-7020. Offices from Edmonds to Olympia. Good luck!

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Try the interventional pain clinic in Vancouver WA have to be referred to get in ask for laminate Reagan I just got let go cuz of a pill count but she listens and gives u what she can good luck

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I'm having a very hard time to find a pain management Dr to do a pain pump in last pain Dr kicked me out cause my pee was clean the pill wasnt working anymore I needed more n more. It was hard to clean but I did it just so I can get pain pump want to pay cash my medical sucks n my Dr is a ass she is not seeing that I need one.she don't no me only by records can't wait til Jan to change her I need a Dr that cares n is on my side.ive been off pills for 5 mos my life is hell n my.pain is bad can't live my life or be with my grandkids hope u might no of. Pain cash Dr thx I live in yelm wa I no I might have to drive far to find a good caring Dr thx

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No one was able to help at any of those hospitals any other leads?

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