Getting On The Right Track With Meds For My Pain, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, And Depression


Here it is . I need my meds and I need what I was on and now I am not. I need your help to get me prescribed xanax, 80mg oxycodone, 60mg 30mg Morphine, or 15mg Dilaudid, What else can I say it hurts to type! I am serious about my pain, and Post Traumatic Stress syndrome, panic attack, and Depression I and Anxiety, I am 47 years old, I FEEL 80 AND I KNOW SOME 80 YEARS OLD FEEL BETTER THAN ME!

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I'm sorry, but this site does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, this is an information only website.

Why is your doctor not providing them?

If you are having a problem with your current physician, but have documented medical conditions that require proper treatment, it would probably be a good idea to switch to a different doctor.

All of the medications you listed have the potential to be habit forming and abused and this does make some doctors reluctant to prescribe them. In addition, if you got to any doctor and demand certain medications, you make them suspicious that are a drug seeker/addict.

The best way to do it is, whenever you see a new doctor, you should make sure to take a copy of all of your medical records with you, or make sure copies are sent to their office from your prior doctors.

This enables them see for themselves what tests have been performed, the diagnosis that were made and what medications have and have no worked for you.

Are there any questions or comments?

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Talk to your doctors. If they won't help you, simply tell them that it is unacceptable to you. Find a doctor who will work with you.. Don't be afraid to doctor shop. Don't let them push you around. Most only care about their career (money.) Sad, but true. I have numerous health issues that will shorten my life quite a bit. I'm not afraid anymore to tell them to GO TO HELL.

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My fiance is a kidney transplant recipient and I'm epileptic. I have a 14yr old son full term born normal THANK GOD but from my previous marriage. Now my fiancee wants a child but till we get married of course. He takes many meds. is there anyone out there in our shoes both parents on meds or a guy that had a transplant then had a family?

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What type of meds does he take? Did he lose a Kidney over Drug abuse?

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Hi everyone. I am new to the PA area from Boston and I had a horrific car crash in 03 whiI lost my son in and it also left my back and body a complete horror.I ve already had 2 back surgeries and still need 2 more and suffer with pain everyday. My Doc has had me on oxycontin and oxycodone for the pain since 03 and since moving here I have had to go cold turkey. Besides the withdrawl the mind numbing pain is just so unbarable that Dr. after Dr. has told me that to just get off the stuff not understanding that I cant get out of bed or function or sleep or just be a somewhat human being without pain control. They have suggested Tylenol or ultram which is ridiculous after being on oxy for over a decade. So what I guess it is Im asking is does anyone know a Dr. in the Fleetwood,,Reading areas that writes for those meds. I have MRI and med recoreds and all. any help would be forever grateful. Im hurting so badly right now, Im losing my self. Please help. Thank you, Sally from Boston.

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Try Buspar it is not addictive for the panic attacks and works better than xanax for me. For the pain you could try lidocaine patches cause they are non-addictive and easily prescribed. Good luck you are not alone.

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Sounds like u r a drug head , try getting off the couch and walking the neighborhood, and go to church trust me I've been there ,u can do it too , it's amazing when u get off drugs and find god ,ur family will come together,and u will enjoy life again ,otherwise ur going to die a junkie and that's what people remember ,if u don care for ur family, care about urself

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Me too, except I'm 57, and I have been in chronic pain for 7 years I lost pain management completely 18 months ago. I've heard of it but I never fathomed it would happen to me yet here I am. Sadly all I can say is it seems to me and I've heard so many others say it not to mention I know 15 people that have committed suicide in the last year or less due to pain and or depression. Others have said it and I agree it seems that the only way this will ever end is when you die this is a horrible existence. I've given everybody away I'm angry I'm ornery totally pissed off with health care and I don't even have enough money to live what the hell do I do everyone has distance from me friends of decades won't even call it's great the worse you get the more people get away from you. Sincerely, dead man walking. Time to go to another Dr. P.S. there is no part of my body that does not have a medical problem and does not cause pain life truly sucks almost as much as people that's how I feel God bless us all.

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I had depression and anxiety really bad at one point in my life. Instead of people getting on Xanax or wanting it, the best thing for those issues is Zoloft. It works great. In my opinion, people shouldn’t be taking Xanax. Sorry, just my opinion.

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My heart is so heavy for you please find a doctor who will write you Suboxone YES IT IS USED FOR PAIN I know that first hand. And it depends on what State that you are living in? Some States a doctor can write you only Suboxone but not any form of benzo ( valium or Klonopin or such) yet your primary care doctor can write you benzo's and it is legal. But I have been told that in some States one doctor can write you both. So try looking for a doctor in your State and see if you can get both written from him/her. I had complete knee reconstruction and I was one of a very few patients at this Bone and Joint Clinic that they tried using Suboxone for PAIN so when I went in for my first check-up they were all happy to know and see that the Suboxone WORKS for me and I am 58 years old with numerous health issues and I also have SLE Lupus and I just found out that I also have Cutaneous Lupus erythematosus that the SLE Lupus is attacking my organs and chronic Fibromyalgia and that's only a few of my health issues but the Suboxone IS helping me. I was due to having complete knee replacement surgery on both of my knees ( one first then the other one after I had finished rehabilitation) but due to the COVID 19 pandemic I have to wait for the surgery and I live in the New Orleans metro area that has a HUGE ?? outbreak from this virus. I pray that you have already found a good doctor who knows that Suboxone works for chronic pain God bless you and all of us who are REAL CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT's..

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Are these Monthly amounts? "I am 47 years old, I FEEL 80 AND I KNOW SOME 80 YEARS OLD FEEL BETTER THAN ME!"

I Bet!

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Re: Donna (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Zoloft worked great for a bit for my depression, but NOT for panic attacks. Also, I went through pretty bad wd's getting off it.

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Re: David (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

WoW, judge much!? I follow Christ, and teachings; Love but don't judge. Church has little to do with God, but maybe you mean god - if you are trying to win others to the Lord you probably will do better by reaching out with love and compassion instead of being a holier than thou hypocritical A--h--- Just Saying ... ?? God Bless....

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