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I found Flupen 250 in my son's school bag. What is this capsule for?

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Flupen contains Flucloxacillin which is a penicillin antibiotic.

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I have boils under my armpit and wet to a local clinic and they prescibed flupen 250 for me is it the correct treatment for boils?

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I have boils under my armpit and went to a local clinic and they prescibed flupen 250 for me is it the correct treatment for boils?

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I fill pain in my stomach and womb and it feels lyk I hv a rushes so I get flupen and doxtet and metrodonizela it good for this disease

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i have a sore growing lump on my virgina and went to the clinic they gave me flupen 250 green to take 2pills per 4hour and painamol is this the right medication because i started it in the morning and doesn't fill any change please help

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A glass cut me on the right leg so I rush to the clinic,so they gave me the chlorniocol eye ointment,flupen and ibrufen but now its like I m infected

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Was trying t dye my hair and dat dye burnt my face and my hair and scal and went t de hospital dey gave m brufen panado flupen anaerobal so i want t knw if dey gave m right medications

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My name is Bigboy Dube suffering will urinary infection, can use flupen 250?

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How to treat spider bites?wat antibiotic can i use?

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Fkupen does work as an antibiotic and it does assist fir a lot of infections and poisons. Well my friends son was bitten by a poisonous spider and he was given these capsukes hes ok now

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Hi I went to the clinic with a pain in my breast because I'm breastfeeding my baby 1yr8month they gave me Flupen250 .is it gonna dry up my breast milk?

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I have wounds on my throat. Can Flupen help cure me in 3 days time? My doctor gave me 10 pills.

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Can I take flupen 250 if I have flu? May I kindly get a straight answer

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My cat just started having tick bite fever; full of ticks and doesn't want to eat. I don't have any money for a vet. Please help? My cat is my whole life. Will flupen 250 help?

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I had experienced vaginal itching a day before my period with white discharge. My period finished, but the itching is still there. I'm 41 years old. Now I have a pink rash in my inner thighs, arms & body. Will Flupen 250 help?

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I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy and I have had a problem with heavily swollen gums. I went to the clinic and I was given flupen 250. Will it help?

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I have not see my period for three months now I went for pt but they said am not pregnant what drugs should I take because they said is infection and my private part is iching me pls

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I have a blister in my vagina. I went to the clinic and they gave me flupen 250 and told me the blister is caused by an STI... Can flupen 250 cure an STI?

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My son is 4 years and has abscess snd was given flupen 250, is this the right medication?

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I have a ringworm between my thighs and the dr. gave me flupen 250 to take 2 tabs 3 times a day. Is it the correct medication?

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Is it safe to take Flupen if I'm allergic to Purbac?

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Does anyone know if Flupen 250 can be used to cure chickenpox?

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Can Flupen 250 cure gonorrhea or treat an STI? I'm asking because a medical practitioner prescribed it to me.

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Hi. l have chest pain when I cough producing green sputum. Can I take flupen 500?

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I had stomach cramps for the past 4 days. Anything that I eat burns my chest inside. Now I'm developing blisters on my mouth, even on the inside... Can I take flupen 250mg for relief?

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Why is Flupen 250 prescribed? I know someone who has to take 8 capsules per day. What for? She does not know what her medical problem is and what she is being treated for. She did have a rash & joint pain and was then told she's diabetic, but I have been unable to establish why she is prescribed this medication and would like to know?

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