Doctors Willing To Prescribe Heavy Pain Meds For My Back And Arthritis


Naturally I have a high tolerance for pain meds and a low tolerance for alcohol. Going on 9 months no alcohol as a health choice. I went and had a MRI done a week ago and still waiting for the results. Ibuprofen 800 mg - no way am I taking that much crap every day. My doc said she doesn't prescribe pain meds. Funny... So I'm here, I'll have the updated scan on my back and hope to know a good doctor that can help me with a better value of life. I would just rather take a little bit of something that works than hundreds of milligrams Tylenol. Isn't Ibuprofen 800mg a pain killer?

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Pain meds addictive as we know. Lots of people that live with pain. From experience don't get regular refills of opiate, you'll pay the piper eventually...that day will come. That's why I believe your own FMD should prescribe, he can control how often u get those meds. Pain clinic just keeps giving opiates out for years. If my Dr would have just given me pain meds maybe 2 or 3 times a year instead of sending me to pain clinic.

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I'm new to High Point, NC and need to find a doc for my acute anxiety that prescribes clonazepam asap. Please give a doctors name.

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800 mg ibuprofen is great for pain and inflammation. I take two per day, along with my pain meds prescribed through a pain clinic. You will not find a doctors office unless it is a pain clinic to prescribe you any kind of medication that is a controlled substance. From what I’m reading on these posts it looks like you people are just shopping around for doctors. If you had legitimate pain issues go through your tests he will eventually get what you need. Doctors do not start on high doses of pain meds. The most you get is three a day and they like to put you on at least one time released hi power med along with that. Exercise does wonders walking Alone will help decrease the pain

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You are mistaken. I have gotten 300 pain meds along with 30 Ambien and 60 valium per month from my primary Dr for 4 years now and I have also gotten scripts prior to him from other primary as well as been to pain clinics. If you can show proof of serious pain issues Dr.s will start you on what you NEED - not 3 low dose. Lol! I get 210 oxy 30 and 90 oxymorphones per month and he started me at that. Just because these people do not go thru clinics does not mean they do not go thru protocol with primary Dr.s. I have random U/A's just as a pm does for you! You don't know if these people are drug seekers and are in no position to judge!!!

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Thank u. I get 4 oxy 30 mg a day and have for a long time. My Dr. said he has no plans to change anything and I have only been going to this Dr. for 7 months now. I did ask for a long acting oxy and don't care if it's tamper proof, I take as directed. It would just be easier, but my pain management Doctor doesn't like long acting??? Wtf, same s*** right?

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I just found this website and now your post. I am in a very desperate situation and urgent! I have been definitely diagnosed with two incurable conditions that cause chronic severe pain and many times acute pain that does not go away after an hour and even days! So I am in a lot of pain and have been disabled for thirty plus years and had many operations and many different non narcotic medications and the list goes on. I was told and given a high dose of narcotics because I not only have a high tolerance and most of all, it has been medically said that one of the conditions I have can be as bad as cancer pain and sometimes even worse! I realize there are other conditions that can cause extreme pain also. But I only told you this because so many doctors will use that as the ultimate pain there is. Please understand I believe it does not matter what condition you have. If you have pain and are suffering a doctor should listen to you and help alleviate your pain with what will help you the most.

Sorry that I went off on a tangent, but felt it was needed to say. First, I am sorry you are dealing with all of your pain. The only thing that made me feel hopeful for you is that your doctor is willing to give you the narcotics to help alleviate your pain. I don’t know where you live, but where I live and even looked (with the computer) in many states and it does not matter anymore what records you have and what you have been on for years because they are scared because what has been going on and will not deal with people in my position, Now I am hanging on by a thread and do not know what to do! I was hoping if you know where or who I can go to and even though it is extremely difficult for me to travel and even if it’s far, if that is the only way I can get help, I will. I have been home bound and mostly in a recliner. Now I am supposed to suffer and I really am not exaggerating, many times have to scream and scream because the pain becomes that bad. I can take a lot of pain but how can any human being just continue with this unrelenting pain on and on... Please do not think that I am asking you to solve this for me. I was only hoping that maybe you would be able to help in any way. Unfortunately, I would need a response as soon as you can. If you cannot, I thank you very much either way. Also so sorry you had to read a long book, which believe me, was not my intention. Thanks again and God Bless!

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Judy # 3 what primary doc gives out 210 oxy and 90 oxymorphones? New laws at least here in zsC reguire that kind of meds be given at pain management only. Primary doc can only give 7 day supply, I need to live where u are. I been at same pain clinic for. 7 yrs and got cut back due to dea recommending every one not be over 90 mme per month.

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