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Hi everyone. I currently suffer from severe chronic pain. I have multiple conditions one of them being chronic renal colic. Another being degeneration of discs in my lower back. I will be moving to Texas next month and need to find a pain management clinic that is compassionate, doesn't treat people like drug seekers when they truly need the help and a doctor who is not super conservative. I need a doctor willing to prescribe any narcotic and prescribes what works for me. Cash only "wellness" clinics are ok for the time being. Informing me of a pain doctor in Fort Worth Dallas Austin Houston or San Antonio is fine. Thanks in advance.

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Were you able to find any specialists to help you with your medication needs? If so, can you please share who? I have a long list of chronic illnesses including CRPS, lupus, osteoarthritis, list goes on and on. Due to having chronic lyme disease, I am unable to take steroids or receive inj's. Sadly, my only treatment option is medication.

I live in the DFW area. I am currently in pain management for this and receiving my medication but need to find a new specialist asap. As you probably know, many drs have been being brought up on criminal charges due to prescriptions and I have a very strong feeling my specialist will soon be also and I cannot be without my medication. I need to find a new specialist asap before mine disappears. TIA!

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Dr Daniel Chen in Richardson, TX will prescribe on cash only. Also know several here in Houston.

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I am Disabled , been treated for years in California with no hassle. I just moved to South Texas and seen Doctors called Doctors and no one will fill my prescription s . all the Doctors out here treated me like a Drug addict its horrible. I need help getting a good primary care Doctor that understand s My Pain and disability. Please help.

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Recent MRIS severe spinal degeneration disease in lower back and neck maximum pain I need a doctor who will prescribe heavy pain medication for me as that's what I've been on in the past in San Antonio Texas

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Need pain dr in waco or college station beentaking Norco fo 17yrs now I moved and cant find a dr rhat will write

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I have not been able to find any DR. to refill my pain medication that I have been on for years. I have a platinum ppo plan that DR's want to milk out here in TEXAS but will not give you the treatment you need. I am disabled. I take all my medical records, Xrays and mri with me. I even went to south texas bone n joint where they took their own xrays- found what I was saying to be true. Then told me they could not refill my medication. I also went to Acosta medical center in Pleasenton where I was refused treatment because the DR said she doesn't treat "the Disabled". Since i've had such a horrible time out here I've made a complaint with the americans with disability's ACT. The problem is Texas got busted for having pill mills everywhere, so FDA has made it almost impossible for DR's to legally prescribe pain medication. The Drs now have to jump through hoops do a list of things per patient and if they meet all the legalities forced on the DR's by the FDA then the DR can prescribe that person pain medication. If the DR does not follow the FDA laws then the DR has the legal threat of losing their Practitioners credentials thus forcing Doctors in this State to completely refuse to treat people who need pain medication, or plainly they just refuse to prescribe it in fear of the FDA, and authorities. Even Doctors at so called pain management offices in this state will force patients to get inj's., chiropractic, NSAID medication (OTC) and will not prescribe narcotic or opioid pain medication. This is really unfortunate. My whole family is moving due to the horrible suffering I have to endure, and the lack of professional advanced pain relief Doctors in this state. If you look into what im posting you will find it all to be accurate.

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I am in Western Colirado small town - no doctors here care for chronic pain patients with meds. I will soon be moving to Fort Worth. Can you share your doctor's name with me - even tempirary relief would change my life. Thank you...Dee

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I live in Houston area and seen your post for assistance finding a pain dr. I have been on Norco for a few years now due to chronic pain. Have had ct scan, xrays, Drs notes, injections. My recent dr did a fee sets of injections and i bruise so easily that I can't have them no more.
My dr also no longer takes patients and moved the clinic up north. I need a referral if you could help me please.

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What physician in houston? I have been looking but have had no luck.

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I have a 360spinal fusion and a plate and screws in my left shoulder. Excruitating!! Where in Houston? Please help. Have Medicaid and no one will take it. Will pay cash.

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@Vettech689 you said you knew several pain doctors in houston?......Will they prescribe pain mess? I have severe chronic pain! Thx

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Dee, who is your message for?

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Spine & Pain Ctr tx awesome docs, very caring.
I miss them! I'm in Tn now ??

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Did you get any of the names for these doctors in and around Dallas burb

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I am looking for a doctor in Denton, Texas that will prescribe me Stadol....It's a medication that I am already taking for pain.

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Can anyone please share doctor names in Houston? I live in Austin, but the Pain management clinic is reducing my fentanyl patch and breakthrough percs to the point where I am once again to be unemployed. 100 mcgs and 2-4 10/325 and I'm able to work. I was on this dose for 4 years. The list of conditions is extensive and I've been treated since prior to pain management clinics by everything non narcotic, multple alternatives and I currently see an accupunturist and take supplements for pain. Now I've been weaned to 50 mcg even though 75 wasn't working and max 2 breakthrough. I have to save the breakthrough for days that I can still work. I pay cash for all but the perscriptions in order to get any relief at all. Now a mass has been found in my lung and the stress of waiting to finish tests so we know the results isn't helping my energy level to do exercise that I normally do to help pain relief. I need to find a doctor who will listen and pay attention to my records so I can get the relief to continue to work in some capacity. Any name's you can provide I will contact and get transportation to see them. My own driving is a problem after a recent hip surgery. The hardware feels like it's poking through my rear end area. Thank you!

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Hi I just moved to the area I’m a cash guy and broke my back and have it fused in two different areas so u have any other recommend doctors m. I’m hurting and would really help

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Trying to find a reliable doc in the houston area that is generous with scripts. Thanks in advanced

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Re: Vettech689 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I had major knee reconstructive surgery and I am in need of some help with generous amount of meds to help the pain. Houston tx area. Thanks again

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Good day! I am looking for a pain clinic in the Dallas or Denton area as I have been experiencing bad back issues. Is there a clinic you can recommend that prescribes oxycodone and is willing to take cash only? Thank you.

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I saw your post needing a pain mangement doctor in Houston . I am a 57 yr old chronic pain patient who moved to Houston 2 yrs ago and was seeing a neurologist who retired and then found another Neirologist who has stopped treating pain patients I thought by chance you may have located a compassionate doctor because I have seen a few and all they want to do is drop your meds to the new CDC quidelines even though my medical speaks for itself. I appreciate any help ..Thank you

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I came across your post and was wondering if you could share the pain management physicians in Houston you mentioned in your post. I am a 57 year old chronic pain patient that can’t seem to find a pain doctor to prescribe my medication. I have went through 2 neurologists, one retired and the other stopped practicing pain management. I am willing to travel but can’t believe I can’t find another doctor in Houston, Tx! I have had all of the injections, blocks, etc ....and the medication I have been taking for years was the only choice I was given years ago and now the CDC has decided that is not how you treat chronic pain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It is very hard to find a pain doctor that will prescribe over the new 90 mg morphine equivalent even if you have records indicating the need to exceed the 90 mg morphine equivalent. I in Houston area and I hurt terribly and can’t seem to find a doctor to prescribe what once gave me a better life.

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Pain mgt Drs in Midland Texas ? I'm going to be moving to the area and I am currently on oxycodone, Lyrica and 12 hr extended release off brand of oxycodone. By what I've been reading a pain mgt Dr in Texas is difficult to find. I have neuropathy which causes extreme burning in my legs and feet, osteoarthritis , and fibromyalgia. I also have a bad disc in my upper back which along with the arthritis in my knees from surgery makes it difficult and painful to walk or sit. I'd like to know I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice. My husband is working and living there and I would like to be with him. I'm 60 yr old if that matters

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I realize your post is an old post but I was wondering if you can share the doctors you mentioned in Houston....actually Dallas area will work also. My neurologist/PM will no longer practice PM and I am having a very difficult time finding a doctor to continue with the medications that have been helping me to have somewhat of a quality of life. I have been taking 20 mg methadone 2x a day and 30 mg oxycodone 3x a day for breakthrough. I would appreciate any info that can help me...time is of the utmost importance. Thanks In Advance....Godspeed

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Just came across your post and in need of pain doctor in Houston. I realize the post is from 2017 but was hoping your could tell me the doctors you are referring to in Houston. My pain doctor retired and now the one I have been seeing since my other doctor retired will not be practicing PM any longer. I am having a time finding a doctor who will leave my medication as is because that is what has worked for me and allows me somewhat of a quality of life. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Barbara (# 23) --

Yep the same feeling i got... canned response.... i have multiple vertebra that are missing major amounts of bone... and every disc is damaged or missing... my first ortho implied very strongly that i should not be able to walk... and it now seems that the fed is trying to make that a reality... I have been on pain meds for 18 years and really strong pain meds for the last 10, fentanyl as strong as 75mcg and 10/325 hydrocodone/apap.... was offered percocet but declined and said i am able to handle w/ hydrocodone & don't wanna hide pain to the point that i make it worse... I never ever came close to an od.... typical govt path rather than go after those in the wrong. The govt punishes the law abiding citizens... What is very interesting is all these opioid issues were not a big deal till the govt captured control of the afghan poppy fields which is where the major portion of world heroin supply came/comes from (you would think supply would decrease but news sources say supply is more abundant than ever) & they've been showing opioid epidemic specials emphasizing that opioids & heroin give the same outcome... If you have amazon prime search cia & drugs... or google mensa arkansas airport & ark train murders of high schoolers.

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Sadly the answer is yes. The CDC has been forced to admit that the statistics they presented were in fact inaccurate, exaggerated. Of course this news isn't being broadcast to the public. In fact without searching specifically it's unlikely that many MD's are aware. You can find their reluctant admission, only after confronted with the truth if you Google Greg Gutfeld; opiods, war on opiotes, drugs something like that. This was a report that he did in April I believe. It's a report done to give a fair hearing to pain patients. In the written version of his report you'll find words and sentences underlined. Tap on the underlined words and reports, studies, the CDC admitting that they were less then accurate, Etc.. There is a lot of information. Something to show the MD's PAs, your local, State and Federal Representatives. Most of these people may not realize what's going on unless we show and tell them or they're personally affected by the war on pain patients. The FDA and DEA undoubtedly are aware of the deception going on. It's up to each of us, our friends and family to speak out and against the harm being caused to people in pain.
I have chronic painful conditions that are likely as good as they're going to get for the most part. In 2015 into 2016 after years of trials, errors, surgery and some success I was prescribed a combination of pain meds that along with accupuncture, diet, specific exercise and supplements I had reached a point where I felt I was once again employable. Unfortunately I took a fall and fractured one hip. 2 months post op and still using a walker my pain management MD said he had to start tapering me off opiotes. I could not believe it. Less then a year after the hip I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor had already reduced my meds to the point where I was rarely free of severe pain. The cancer diagnosis caused the MD to quit reducing the pain medication but he didn't increase it. They seem to have a canned response for each patient. No longer are we treated like individuals.
It strikes me as wrong when the order for the following months treatment is set up even before speaking to the doctor.

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Hey hope you are well ... i go to one on rodgers rd .... they have been cutting my meds they said they are doing this per cdc recomendations .... are they cutting yours as well

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