Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Richmond Va


I am looking for a compassionate doctor in the Richmond VA area who will prescribe pain medication.

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HI, BlueBell! How are you?

The current situation isn't that doctors aren't compassionate, it's that there are strict regulations in place regarding what they can and cannot prescribe, how much they can prescribe, how long they can prescribe it and why they can prescribe it. It's really tied their hands in many cases.

If you have a condition that requires strong pain medications for long-term treatment of chronic pain, then your best bet is most likely going to be to see a pain management specialist.

Do you have a general practitioner that you see regularly who may be able to refer you to someone?

Does anyone else know of a good doctor in that area?

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I do know a pain dr that i go to

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Who,can u please let me know? I was ran over by a car and have 3 rods 31 screws,9 plates and a green field blood filter I've been on dilaudid since 01 and perc 10s for break thru pain recently moved and I cannot find a doc.Knoxvilletn. P ease hhelp me!! Robertson

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Hey- is there any chance you could post the info on your PM doc? In the Richmond area? thx...

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You should get subs (subutex or buprenorphine) instead. Opiates leave you broke with a huge monkey on your back

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I know of a few drs who will prescribe subutex/ suboxone in the Richmond area. Email me for more info: {edited for privacy}

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Can u please let me know the name??

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Can u post info on those docs please? It edited out your contact info... or email me privately at {edited for privacy}. Thx!

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Can you provide Me names of the doctor please

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Need a new doc in the denver area, over 12 broken bones including pelvis, so much pain everyday from that. It feels like im being prodded with hot pokers. Such a debilitating issue with both mind and body,please help. Its absurd the things i have to go through, they make you feel like a criminal. I hate it so much. I hate dealing with it at all, but my quality of life gets way worse when i cant even leave my house because of so much discomfort. Im so over it, been going through this for 17 years and it only gets worse going to clinics.i just cry my eyes out from the pain and the frustration of dealing with pain management. I really do hate it so much i cant explain that enough, thanks to whomever can help

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Were you able to find a physician? I am looking for my son

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Hello NicknameRVA, I saw your post about the subs - in reference to being a better alternative than taking oxycodone.....Do the subs actually provide pain relief? Someone had told me that the subs were to assist you with the withdrawals from opiates? - Could you please share your experience between the two? Also you stated that you know of a prescribing doctor..... could you please also post their contact information on here? - Cannot be done by email, when anyone tries posting their email on their message it won't come up, they edit it out for privacy. Thanks for any help and information you may be able to provide.

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I have never been on subloxene. I have been on oxycontin for 15 years. Do you know a PM doctor who can help? My primary care dr wont prescibe my meds anymore, due to the regulations. Please, I need someone ASAP!! I have my records, pharmacy log, mri, and I can get any thing else needed. Please, if you can help me, then I can pass it along to someone else who is suffering.

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I am also from Richmond Virginia. I am 36 and have had a chronic back condition from a severe car accident for the last seven years which has been debilitating. I have been on hydrocodone and tramadol but now I can't find a doctor in Richmond that will help me since I've moved from West Virginia. I have had injections and everything short of surgery can anyone help me find a doctor? I have a MRI also. Also a doc that accepts Medicaid? Please respond if anyone can help I am a single father of two young children and it is very hard for me to take care of them.

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Can u please help me find a doctor that can help me. I have a severe back injury and have been on meds for 8 years.

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Hi...Would you feel comfortable sharing your doctor's name? It would really help me. Thank you.

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What is your email address??

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did you say you have a doctor somewhere near Richmond Virginia that will prescribe opiates I have severe pain chronic back problems and I'm currently seeing a doctor here in Florida but will be moving to Virginia soon and need to find a doctor any information names or numbers would be greatly helpful thanks Tom

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my email address is {edited for privacy}. Hope you can help. I have 2 young boys. Single father and live with bad lower back pain daily and have had inj's. I just can't find a doctor in this area who can help.

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Tom, Maybe I can help you. Do you have insurance?

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Re: Jeremy (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Hi i have Medicaid. Will the Dr accept that? In desperate need of breakthrough pain meds. My pm doctor shut down in March. Aside from the psychedelic Mecca meds i have no relief. Please help

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Re: Diana (# 76) Expand Referenced Message

Diana, can you please give me the information you received about the dr. Please.

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Can I please have the information.i live in Petersburg n doct mind going to Richmond.

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Re: Gina (# 38) Expand Referenced Message

Sound all too familiar Tina. I live in the same area and am having a hard time to ding a new doc also. My ins changed and the new people I see had me do an x ray. They said everything looks normal even though it is documented with my previous ortho doc that there are several issues with my hip. I know this is an old thread but did you ever find a doc that was willing to prescribe? I'm going to have to just pay out of pocket if I want any relief I guess.

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Re: Joyce (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

Hello Joyce. I am in the Fredericksburg area as well. I'm having a hard time finding a Dr that will prescribe what I need. My ins changed and the new people don't believe me and are going to cut me off completely,.even with records, x rays and MRI. They actually read the same x ray as my previous ortho Dr and are trying to tell me it looks normal to them. BS. Who are you seeing in Fredericksburg, if you don't mind me asking.

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I'm trying to find a suboxone doctor that takes my insurance through Medicaid in Richmond, VA.

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Re: KM8080 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. Is there any way u can help me with a Dr. that prescribes pain meds please? I was in a car accident a year ago. Thank you. {edited for privacy}

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I am looking for a Dr in Richmond, Va that will prescribe suboxone and take our Cigna pop. This is for my husband, he has crohns disease and has had many surgeries and had had his colon removed; now he has a colostomy bag. With that being said, he was having our ppc prescribe his suboxone, but lost his insurance and he was unemployed and could not self-pay. He also saw a counselor in the same office - forgot to mention that. He has recently got a good job with a good company and that is how we are now insured with Cigna through his company. Now his ppc will not take him back and prescribe his suboxone and I need to mention the suboxone was prescribed to him because of all the pain meds he was on for the chrones. When he was taken off the pain meds, which was Dilaudid, he was going through withdrawals and didn't even know what was happening. He is not a street addict, this happened to him because of all the pain meds. He does not need a treatment center, he needs a Dr that will prescribe his suboxone. He did go to a treatment center and they treated him like a street addict and expected him to go to meetings and support groups he didn't need. Not to mention he will have to miss a lot of work going to these meetings that he didn't need! Please help us. He was prescribed 2 weeks of suboxone and he needs a Dr ASAP that will take our Cigna in Richmond, Va.

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Living in the West End of Richmond. I have degenerative disc disease and a constantly reherniating disc that is preventing me from doing almost anything. Doctors I've been to in the area flat out will not prescribe anything. I have had procedures and been sent home with Tylenol. If anyone knows the name of a doctor who still prescribes opiates, I would be so grateful for the help. I'm without insurance, so a doctor who takes self-pay would be the best. Without the meds, I can't even work to get the insurance and it's just a stupid cycle that's making me lose hope.

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I am looking for a dr that treats pain pumps in central Louisiana. I have had 2 back surgeries, degenerative disc disease, 3 bulging discs and more, have been disabled 27 yrs, my dr lost his license. I am on Dilaudid in pump form, 2-30 mg morphine er, 3-norco 10-350, 2 tramadol daily. My pain is unbearable without my meds. I can't get referral from my family dr and will go out of state if I have to. I don't know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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