Doctors Who Will Prescribe Xanax & Adderall In Michigan


Need to find a Dr. who would be willing to prescribe xanax or another anti-anxiety med that's a benzodiazepines as well as either adderall or vyanase for adult adhd

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Yes please, I have not slept for days. I am shaky and really concerned. not having my Xanax doesn't help. I feel like I am having a full-blown panic attack. Please please please help!

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My Dr. had me on several medications for pain and xanax for anxiety..All of a sudden after 8 years he says he can't prescribe them anymore..This is horrible.

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Does anyone know a Doctor around Grand Rapids Mi who would prescribe me xanax or klonopin? I have severe PTSD and Severe anxiety. I have been to several pyschtrist and normal doctors and still am having no luck.

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Can i please have that drs number dr retired so im desperate for a dr that will write adderall

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I have been on Xanax, Adderall, and Wellbutrin for 12 years now and my doctor retired? Last month!!! HELP!!! lol, seriously though... finding a doctor who will prescribe all three prescriptions with not having a strong history with me as a patient is a hard dr to come by I’m sure. Easily I can have my medical records sent to he/she but even so some doctors are snobs and won’t prescribe controlled RX's just because they think they know best and that’s that!? Very worried about even making an appointment with one like that. I have no insurance and have to pay cash? simply because my hubby is self employed and can’t seem to get his s*** together to save his life as far as his business’s financial accounting is concerned and therefore reporting WITH PROOFS to the state for Obama Care insurance plans has been impossible thus far for me! I’m a stay at home mother of two boys, freaking out because my meds are all off wack, I’m out of most of them, on the verge of a mental breakdown, and today my husband was all like “find a new doctor since yours in retired!” Real easy to say but harder to do in my situation! All I need is a name/and/or phone number of/to a good doctor who won’t waste my money or my time, who will respect my medical history and my 12 years of history as far as meds are concerned and what works for me what doesn’t exc... and who will respect my word without viewing me as a ‘drug seeker’ because I struggle with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and need meds to treat these issues. I mean having these conditions is bad enough, let alone dealing with being stereotyped as a drug seeker when trying to seek genuine treatment. Very frustrating! Anyways, I live in Waterford MI (outskirts of Pontiac Michigan)... just moved here from the Shores (Saint Clair Shores, MI) a while back which is probably why I am even asking around for doctor suggestions on this forum as opposed to locals in my area in person... kinda hard to do when you know no one in the area... just sayin! Any help, people, would be appreciated greatly as far as giving out dr suggestions to me!? Thx!

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Dr sacks in Novi takes medicade but I have been in Adderall for my adhd and have bad anxiety have been on Xanax for years. He should prescribe you both no problem..

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I live in Portland,Oregon. My health plan doesnt cover my pain meds anymore. Im trying to find a DR. that will prescribe oxycodone 10. I have chronic pain and have been on meds for 10 years now and without several surgeries done my pain is controlling me now. My life is no longer life, its just crying and painful now. Someone please help me find a DR. THANK YOU

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Dr Marshall Sacks in Novi MI prescribes both Adderall and anxiety medication. Hope that helped you out a little bit.

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I have been on Adderall since I was a kid and on anxiety medication for about 7 years. I've been taking 3 Xanax per day and they just cut me right off them. I'm having severe anxiety attacks my mind will not shut. Down keeps going and going, worrying constantly about things I shouldn't be. Xanax also helped me sleep. Now I'm having crazy dreams, if I get any sleep at all. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I'm looking for a new doctor near Livingston County that can help me with all I need. I take my meds, don't get rid of them or sell. That's why this withdrawal is so horrible. I can't even take it. Can someone please help me out with a referral?

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Go to rehab seems she needs more than just meds,therapy great option

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I am in need of a prescription of adderall 30 mg bid and Xanax 2 mg qid. Can you please help me. I am currently taking crumbalya, Viibryd, buspar, Abilify. It is not working. I take care of my mom full time, as she has dementia. Please provide necessary i for,

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There must be a reason the Doctor who prescribes the Cymbalta. Viibryd, Buspar, & Abilify wouldn't want to also add a huge dose of Xanax & Adderall?

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Can I have a Drs number that helps people with medication

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Yes, you will have to do this for yourself. There is no one number to call

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Doctor Gary Halloway in Lake Orion, just as long as u took em before and he sees the history.

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