Doctors Who Prescribe Morphine In Alabama For Chronic Pain


Have been going to pain clinic taking morphine for15 years. Doctor rejected me when I had a seizure and someone put a valium under my tongue. Need a new doctor close by. Florence al.

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I don't now how close they are to you, but there are several pain management specialists listed in that area. Here is some of the contact information, so you can check into them:

John M Simon
(205) 768-9191
205 Marengo St
Florence, AL

David L Boyer
(256) 764-9697
216 Marengo St
Florence, AL

Timothy I Melson
(256) 386-4196
1300 S Montgomery Ave
Sheffield, AL

James N Jeter
(256) 386-4196
1300 S Montgomery Ave
Sheffield, AL

Center For Physical Medicine & Pain Management
(334) 260-8225
Montgomery, AL



Are there any other questions or comments?

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i am in need of a private dr office in north alabama region that perscribes methadone for pain or substance abuse. i have the injuries and loratabs are not at all working after 4 years. I am not able to go to the clinic due to working 6-10 hour days. any help would and is greatly appreciated

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I bought a home and 10 acres on Lookout mnt Fort Payne AL. My mother and I have genetic severe pain issue that requires us us to take narcotic pain meds to function and have some kind of life. We had lived in FL all our lives and dreamed of. Living rural for quite and have animals. We stayed in AL for almost 3 yrs and could not find a Dr anywhere that would prescribe meds we had been on for a longtime. We are very sad to have to leave our new home there. Its just sitting empty. We have to sell it. We moved back to. Home to FL. We couldn't find a doc in 100 miles of our home up there. I think they are prejudice and uneducated in chronic pain in FP AL. Thank God our pain doc took care of us long as he could til he couldn't mail our meds anymore. We are sad about we can't retire there. I am 46 she is 63. Paid cash for the property home there. Fort Payne AL needs to get doc that treat pain there without judging. We are not dope heads or addicts. We are legitamate chronic pain patients. A real shame. We had few friends and were happy. Now paying rent in FL. Do you think this is fair?

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I sure wished someone could helped me find a doc. I would have loved to go back to fort payne and live in my new home there. Very disapointed. We take oxycodone. I would think dr up there would be afraid of that. But sorry it works great for us. Methadone is ok but regular pain medicine is best. Methadone can make you tired and gain weight a whole lot. We both tried it and gained 30 or more pds. Loratabs have way too much tylenol in it and is very bad for your liver, be careful. Also it stops working after bout a year of taking it. Something with any Ibprophen or tylenol added is best for chronic pain. You should be on a main med meaning time released and a break through for in between when you need a boost cause the pain spikes or flares up.ask your doc if they are real pain docs they should know all this but unfortunately most docs up there aren't good. They want to push injections they don't work for many just temporary and hurt like hell getting them for no reason. They make lots of money off those. Old fashioned pain meds are least invasive and in appropreiate amounts usually work great. I've seen people get surgery most of them still need meds. Talk bout everything with a kowledgable doc. If you find one that knows what I just told you please send me a message cause I want to move back to my home on the mtn. I don't mind driving a ways every 2 or 3 months to see a doc. Good luck hon, donna

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Thank you but those Dr's are way to far south. I would need Huntsville or east of that no farther south than Gadsden. I'm not sure if T or GA would allow AL residents. I tried to find a doc for 2 and half years but had to move back home . Very sad that medical has to dictate where you live. Now I have to try to sell my home. I don't have a mortgage so not in a big hurry, but would love to live in it. If anyone knows a doctor that would be of use to me let me know. I will check back often thank you Donna

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I suffer from chronic pain in my back, and shoulders. I was a patient at the Industrial Athelete in Birmingham. My doctor tried to put me on sub-oxones for pain relief and I had already been on them before with no pain relief at all. I desperately need a Doctor to write my pain meds who will take medicade or cash.Desperate in Alabama.

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Charlie, I have great news. I am now the state leader for the American Pain Foundation Action Network. I attended a summit last week in Albany NY.
In doing this, I hope to bring awareness in Alabama as well as Florida. The foundation knows I own a home up there. So, I will be campaining for AL also.
First of all, Suboxone is designed for addiction and is not for treating chronic pain. Although they have done studies on for CP. It would have to be administered like 4 times a day, like methadone. I wouldn't recommend it for chronic pain. I feel those doctors up there only want to prescribe that because recently they had some continuing education on the product. So, they feel comfortable prescribing it. I would like you to join my FB group and also I have page on there. it's name is American Pain Foundation Action Network Florida and 1 same thing but says For Florida residents. They are for everyone, but I am in FL. I am supporting AL. also. please come find me over there. i just got done dreating those yesterday so be one of the first to be involved. See you there. there is plenty of great information

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i've been going to a pain doctor for two years i was pescribed methadone which works great an roxicodone that also works great for break through pain. i got tired of just taking pain pills, when i would come in with my anckle problems an knee he explained he only treated neck an back so i stopped going to him thinking a neurolagist may could help with other treatments she spent three minutes with me an made another appointment for a for some kind of test. perscribed no medication so im frustrated im 34 yrs old had a head on collision impact was 155 mph my son was in front seat so i jerked whell so i took impact now im 100% disabled an also have a 6 year old daughter that needs there daddy back i cant do anything it crushed my whole left side an severed my potella tendon i need another pain doctor get back on my meds i thought i was doing the right thing but now im worse off. i live in guntersville alabama 35976 need doctor atleast nomore than 45 min away

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Yes I know a dr that gives Methadone !!! He is in Northport AL. But he's very strict & strange !!! Whatever yu do if yu go to him don't wear any perfume , hairspray ect. His name is Dr. Mangeri !!! I don't know his # off hand !!! Just call directory assistance & ask for him !!! He only gives it for bad chronic pain !!! Good Luck !!!

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Call medical board
They have 800 number
Nothing will change in AL
Unless they stop revoking licenses of docs that
do prescribe
Call your local congressman
It's all political

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odean conner in gadsden al., if its morphine you really need, best chance with conner for morphine...she has no problem with needs of patient, whatever it may be.

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Dr Ali in jasper al will help u

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I need a doctor who doesn't require 15 procedures as well as a few pain pills. I'm going to my Ortho Dr for the procedures. Are there any doctors who prescribe pain pills only that you know of, in or around Birmingham, Al?

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I am looking for a pain management Dr who doesn't want to do 15 procedures! Nothing I have wrong with me will be helped by a procedure. Does anyone know one in the Birmingham, al or surrounding areas? Thank you very much.

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southeastern pain mgt.
gadsden, al
i just stopped going and was on morphine 30 mg & 15 mg ir

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What was the doctors name i was taking methadone and roxicodone and worked great i had car wreck and also was electricuted istay in pain and im not a drug addict just hurt

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Need a new doctor my doctor want takemy ins

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Hey here are some pain doctors numbers, 256-353-0410 & 256-301-9994 Decatur AL. I hope this helps

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I have had two Neck Surgeries! I was In a Very Bad Car wreck, fractured pelvis and Had a Few A**holes that said they love me as they were Hitting me. Also central nervous damage in both arms. I just want to enjoy my life without pain. Im taking norco 10. they dont work. I get 180 a month. plus I take zx. I think I need Valium.

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I need a New Pain dr im in Huntsville, Ala. I go any where if its a Great. Doctor. I need a pain pill to works and lastlonger. and I want to no how much damage I have in both arms and hands.I have tried methadone it last I liked that part

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Did u ever find a good doctor in or around Huntsville?

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I'm from dothan , Alabama. I've had 3 back surgeries and I'm in constant pain. In tired of taking Percocet and Tylenol 3. It doesn't help with my pain at all. Plus I think I'm hooked on the Percocet. I need to find a doctor that will give me methodone. Can someone please help me find a doctor in my area??

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Not true about conner she is jammed up I have been a patient of hers for 6 years she did help went today for non narcotic have always done exactly as she said and when I went she had her nurse dismiss me because I have had many surgeries and said since she could only help me with pain medicine and not cure me I was dismissed

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does anyone know of a doctor that will prescribe pain meds in pensacola, my wife and I are having to leave Alabama because our pain management doctor we have been seeing for several years has suddenly shut down his practice. We are moving to the Pensacola area because the doctors in Alabama seem to think that if you want pain medication to control your pain you are an addict,can someone please help. WE both suffer from serious back problems and are willing to travel beyond the Pensacola ares if we need to to find a doctor

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I think I may no one in gadsden she is having audit this month will no next week if she's available don't know what restrictions she will have

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Please I hope and pray you can help me. I have chronic pain every minute of my day and night! I can't take this extremely high thumping, burning, screaming PAIN much longer! I desperately need a good doctor to help me. My pain is all I can think about because when I am hurting 10+ all I can think about is finding something to help my pain. I can't even make a grocery list or pay my bills or do things that needs my attention because of my high volume of exsctutating pain I'm in 24/7 my quality of life is at a big zero right now . My pain is so bad non stop that getting relief is all I can think about!! There has to be a good doctor out there who cares and is willing to help me. I have worked hard all my life I'm a law abiding citizen I don't abuse drugs and I don't drink school at all! I'm a good hearted person I love people and helping others. This pain is so bad I haven't been able to go to church the last three Sunday's I just need a good doctor who will and can help me! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I wished I wasn't disabled and could work but unfortunately I am disabled and my spine is twisting this way and that way and it feels like it's gonna break in two pieces. OMG the pain is unbearable! Please help!! I'll drive where ever I have to to get help.

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I need a Dr for chronic pain I was told by er I have herniated disc l4 and l5 and I have herniated disk in my neck due to car wreck in Jan please help

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are there any MD's in the Shoals, Decatur, or Huntsville, AL that prescribe Marinol for chronic pain relief?

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do any of these MDs prescribe Marinol for chronic pain relief?

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No he was the best, most caring dr I have ever been to and he was running into problems with the head of the alabama board of directors, from what I know and every one else I know that knows him knows he is a jerk to most everyone and he didnt like this dr and basically bullied him into making him want to stop practing

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