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I have severe anxiety and have my entire life. I moved her from florida a few months ago and back home I was prescribed xanax but now I cannot find a doctor that will continue my prescription they all are trying to put me on other medications which I have already been on in the past and did not work for me. I live in gloucester county in new jersey and need to find a doctor that will prescribe the xanax. HELP!

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Have you made certain to bring all of your medical records with your, or have them sent to the office of any new doctor you are seeing?

When you go in, asking for a specific medication, many doctors are wary, as this can be seen as drug seeking behavior, so they are reluctant to prescribe it, especially since Xanax is a controlled substance.

However, if they have a copy of your medical records, then they can see documented information from other doctors on what has and hasn't worked for you, in the past and they will be more likely to prescribe what you need.

Another question, have you tried seeing a Psychiatrist? As they are usually more open to prescribing these types of medications, than a general practitioner.


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pollack mental health clinic in long branch nj. Also got one in clifton

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I need to find a doctor in the Cape-Atlantic-Cumberland region who will keep me on the same medication. I am on 0.5 mg of Xanax three times a day. I have been on Valium, then Xanax beginning at age 10 for severe panic attacks. I was going to a clinic where the doctor was fine, but I was bounced around from doctor to doctor after the regular one left. The fill-ins were fine. The new one I honestly can't stand and the second appointment that I had with him, last week, is when he said he is going to stop prescribing it for me. Mind you, one of the fill-ins said it was a baby dose. I do not want to increase and told her so, nor did I want to switch to Klonopin. I am 48. I am not 25. Please, somebody help me.

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I'm in Clifton were do I go to see the doctor I. Have aetna better health card please let me no ok

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is it true that Xanax scripts will be banned in nj soon?

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