Completely Blocked Bowels


My 88 yr old mother was given linzess ,she's completely blocked with stool ,on top of this they were giving her enemas4 or more a day ,headaches,heart pain,plural infusion,high blood pressure followed,which she did not ever have I made them stop the linzess ,should she have been given this I read that elderly should not and not for anyone with this type of blockage?

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Is she impacted? In some cases, the stool becomes so hard due to medications, and diet, that it has to be removed, either manually, or by surgery, if nothing else works, according to NIH studies.

What other medications is she on? There are many that the FDA warns can cause constipation, so if they are giving her a couple that cause it, it could be worsening the issue.

What does her normal diet consist of? Does she get an adequate intake of fluids and fiber? Not taking in the proper foods could also cause such a problem.

How long has this been going on?

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All her life going on she was not on any scripts at all only natural things ,except laxative dependent tried above they say possibility colon no longer active but I told them no more linzess period.

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