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I found out i had type 2 diabetes in january of 2006, so my doctor put me on byetta, but i had to stop taking it in june 2006 because of the cost. My insurance doesn't cover it and it costs $187.00. It really helped me and i lost a total of 30lbs. Now i am scared i will gain the weight back.

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Byetta is really only a temporary fix for weight problems anyway, just like various diets, such as weight watchers, Jenny Craig and etc. you have to use it forever to maintain, if you ever go off, then those benefits are lost and the weight is gained back. If you really want a permanent weight loss, then you will need to set up a good diet and exercise plan, this way you can lose the weight in a healthier manner, and keep it off permanently.

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It's not that your insurance won't cover the Byette, the medication is not on it's formulary and it will require DER from your provider. Believe me I work in the insurance and we don't like paying for stuff that other medications on your tier drug list that might also help you. This medication is fairly new so you should pay about 25% of co insurance once the medication has been approved and your provider will let you know. Your best bet is to go to an Endocrinologist because they have better ways of wording why this medication is needed for you. Hope this helps.

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Saying that this is the way all insurance companies work universally is very remiss of you, not all are alike and not all will cover something, even if you ask for approval.

I was on several meds in the past that my insurance decided to no longer cover, and in spite of my doctors pleadings and explaining why they were the best meds for me, it was a no go, so then I had to wait while they discovered an alternative that my insurance would cover.

I was on Oxycontin for my chronic pain, getting a generic version, and they said they would no longer cover that, it was great as it helped my pain and I suffered almost not side effects from it. But, even though my doctor tried several times to get them to approve it, they refused and I ended up having to do without pain meds at all, for 2 weeks, while they found something else that might work as well that they would cover.

The same thing happened when I was on Ditropan, they refused to cover it anymore, period, no exceptions.

So while that is the policy of some companies and the one you work for, not all companies are the same and work the same way.

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