Arthricare Ultra Arthritis Pain Relieving Rub (Thread 202860)


Where can I purchase this cream in Missouri? Thank you.

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A very similar product Arth Arrest is available at Walgreens. This was the orginal Horse Lentiment. My wife has arthritis in both knees and has had cortizone injections, Synivisc injections and countless homeopathic pills with almost no relief. She got immediate relief using this after only three days. I am a former Assistant Director of a major pharmaceutical company and to me seeing is believing.

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I need to find a store that sells ArthriCare Odor Free Pain Relieving Rub in North Carolina. I am having a hard time finding it. Need it badly for Arthritis If anyone can help me. Thanks.

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Can I buy Arthricare in a container with a ball roller to rub on in Erie, Pa? I did about 2 or 3 years ago at a Rite Aid drug store, but they don't have it anymore.

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Is Arthricare available in New York? If so, where?

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Where can you buy Arthricare cream (arthritis pain relieving rub) in the state of Alabama (Albertville, Alabama)?

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Is ArthriCare rub available around Cleveland, OH, or around Port Charlotte, FL?

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