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How would a doctor write out a prescription for 15mg percs? Would it just say 15mg Percocet? I currently take 7.5mg/325 percocets but I'm going to a new doctor since mine moved away and I wanted to change the mgs to 15 without the acetaminophen. I can modify this on my medication list that I printed out from my old doctors website patient portal. Just want to make sure I write it correctly.

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Percocet doesn't come in a 15 mg. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone does come in 15 mg without the acetaminophen

You may want to think twice about changing anything in your medical records or pharmacy info. Your new Dr can easily look up all the pain meds your old Dr prescribed you in your states Prescription Monitoring Program Database and most, if not all.states require this before a Dr writes a prescription for pain meds. Your new Dr may also get copies of your medical records. Your new Dr and any other Dr will know if you alter anything.

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Surely you don't mean to say that you're intending on re-writing your doctor's prescription? That's kinda the gist I got from reading your post, but please do correct me if I misinterpreted something you said... Furthermore, had you actually put "15mg Percocet" down on the script, it would make your prescribing physician look like he/she didn't know what the heck they were doing in the trained eyes of a pharmacist who knows it doesn't exist...and to make a long story short it would probably be difficult to find another doctor from that moment forward.

On a side note however, zohydro er (hydrocodone by itself) is also available in 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, and 50mg doses. Just another option to take into consideration I suppose.

Hope this helps!

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David, I thought Squirrel was talking about changing their medical records that they ttake to their new dr. It is common for drs to directly request medical records from the medical source and not go by what patients bring in for this reason. Even if Squirrel changes it on the medical records they give a new dr, that will not change them on the original medical records, It may also leave them without a dr that will treat their pain because changing medical records is a huge red flag for drug seekers.

Altering a prescription could get them arrested Prescription Forgery.R

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Thanks for the feedback BL. Squirrel's following sentence had came off kinda vague to me at first: "I can modify this on my medication list that I printed out from my old doctors website patient portal.", but reading between the lines I can see that this may not be referring to an actual prescription as you pointed out in your initial response. Not that I'm one to judge or anything if it were… Though I'd like to be wrong for their own sake of dealing with the potential consequences of taking such actions. It'll be interesting to see if Squirrel ever posts back with an update on how things turn out.

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